Does Raw Garlic Help with Weight Loss?

Garlic is a key ingredient in Indian cooking and Indian moms just love to use the combination of ginger-garlic paste to make curries rich and flavourful. Garlic also has been used since ages in ancient medicine, to boost immunity to cure cough/cold, and also to treat heart disease.

garlic for weight loss

Recently, garlic has also gained popularity as an anti-dote for obesity, but is there any truth behind its fat-burning properties? Let’s find out:

Does Raw Garlic Help with Weight Loss

Garlic has metabolism-boosting properties. But apart from that, raw garlic has a compound called allicin that has been shown to inhibit weight gain, burn brown fat, and improve insulin resistance as well. All these factors improve fat metabolism. Also read: “24 Things you Have Done Today That Might Hamper Weight Loss.”

Garlic also has been found to act as an appetite suppressant. There’s a mention in the Journal of Nutrition which implies that garlic supplementation seems to reduce waist circumference as well.

However, overconsumption of garlic has been found to have bad side effects as well, heartburn, digestive issues, and even allergic reactions to name a few. Most importantly, there are no shortcuts and garlic certainly is not a silver bullet to burn all excess weight. A calorie-deficit diet, Rati Beauty diet for example and consistent exercise will help you lose weight and trim inches off the waist as well. Do subscribe to the Rati Beauty app for your weight loss diet plans.

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