Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection 200 Oval Shadow Brush Review

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Real Techniques released their “Bold Metals” brush collection a while back which was a premium line of brushes different from their original brushes which we all know and love. I reviewed the face brushes a while back and this time around, I hauled a couple of eye brushes from this collection.  This review will be on the “Real Techniques Bold Metals 200 Oval Shadow Brush.”

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection 200 Oval Shadow Brush

Product Description:
Introducing a new line of luxury makeup brushes designed with sisters Sam and Nic Chapman, the stars behind the top-rated YouTube channel Pixiwoo. The Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques pairs unbelievably soft bristles with striking metallic detail. Handles are weighted for optimal control and comfort. Refined artistry cuts offer high performance and mastery of any look. Let your brush do the work of perfect makeup application. Color-coded system corresponds to the key steps of makeup application:

  • Gold = Base.
  • Platinum = Eye.
  • Rose Gold = Finish.


Real Techniques Bold Metals 200 Oval Shadow Brush offers the “one-sweep” brush with a full, round shape for all-over eyelid application, and seamless blending of powder and cream eyeshadows. It can also be used for detailed highlighting of the brow bone.


  • Bristles: Softer than ever for the most luxe feel to date. White bristles show exactly how much makeup is on the brush before application.
  • Ferrules: Premium quality brass ferrules for maximum durability.
  • Handles: The brushes are weighted for perfect in-hand balance, optimal control, and comfort. Unique geometric handles help brushes stay still on your dressing table without rolling away. Handles taper to a diamond tip that easily slides out of pro brush belts.
  • Cuts: Refined, hand crafted artistry cuts offer high performance for ultimate application of makeup.
  • Tips: Individually tapered, synthetic tips allow for advanced product pickup and a buildable, pristine finish.



My Experience with Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection 200 Oval Shadow Brush:

Packaging:  All of the brushes from the “Bold Metals collection” are color coded. All the eye brushes are silver in color and they have 3 brushes in this range. I own 2 of these – #200 and #201. The handle of this brush is long, but not too long to be of uncomfortable length in the hand. The brush is of bright reflective metallic silver color. It looks very luxurious from the first glance and also feels luxurious in the hand. Also, it is designed in such a way that the brush will not roll off when placed on a flat surface.

Eyeshadow brush

Usage:  This is an eyeshadow brush with a dome tip and it is quite dense and fluffy. It is quite big in size and covers about ¾th of my lid in one tap. This is a huge con for people with small eyes; this brush might be too big for you. Since it is so big, it is very difficult to get precision in the inner corner of the eyes.

Eye makeup brush

This brush works best when you are doing a quick eye look using one eyeshadow – you can tap all over the lid and lightly blend with the domed end. The tip is too fluffy to allow precise blending in the crease (unlike Sigma E35 which is smaller and has a less dense and fluffy tip which allows for precise blending in the crease).

Eye makeup brush close up

This brush picks up a good amount of product in one tap, enough to cover my whole lid. Since it is synthetic, you can even use this for cream products. More than an eyeshadow brush, I love using this brush for contouring my nose. The bristles are quite soft. These brushes do not shed and are easy to clean.  Also, the bristles do not stain. Since the bristles are very dense and fluffy, it does take a long time to dry.

Real Techniques oval brush

Overall, I don’t think this brush is a must have. This brush will not work for those who are looking to create precise eye makeup looks that require precision blending. This brush is an absolute no-no for small eyes.

Synthetic makeup brush

I would not recommend this brush only because there are better eye makeup brushes in the market in term of functionality and this brush doesn’t seem worth the money.

Pros of Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection 200 Oval Shadow Brush:

  • Soft bristles.
  • Sleek design.
  • Does not shed.
  • Synthetic bristles.
  • I love to use this brush to contour the nose.

Cons of Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection 200 Oval Shadow Brush:

  • Too big and fluffy, will not work for smaller eyes.
  • Does not give me precision in blending the crease and inner corner.

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4 thoughts on “Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection 200 Oval Shadow Brush Review

  1. So I got a dupe of this from aliexpress and its so soft that I can only image how good the real thing must be! I use this for blending and works quite well that way.
    BTW is the handle of real one also a bit flimsy and cheap?

    1. No the handle is quite sturdy on the real on., The bristles are very very soft and they do not shed which is the best part

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