Real Techniques Concealer Brush Review

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It took me long to grab Real Techniques brushes, and I’m so glad to get my hands on them. I’m so in love with all their brushes, that I don’t think I can really do away without any of them. Real Techniques launched this single brush quite recently and today I will be reviewing it for you- Real techniques Concealer brush.

Real Techniques Concealer Brush (5)

The angled cut provides precision application to camouflage skin imperfections and create a spotless base for any look.
use with a liquid or cream concealer, or foundation for complete coverage
apply highlighter over the cheekbones and high points of the face for a healthy glow

Real Techniques Concealer Brush (5)

Price: $8

Real Techniques Concealer Brush (7)

My experience with Real Techniques Concealer Brush:

Real techniques brush comes in a outer transparent plastic packaging that holds all the details pertaining to the product. The brush is contained securely in the box that looks similar to most of their other makeup brushes. The body is made of copper golden aluminum handle and has a velvet black base to it. The packaging is quite sleek and easy to hold. The base has a flat black velvety surface which helps the brush stand right upwards, but unlike the other Real Techniques brushes that have a flat bottom and that could be easily stood up, this concealer brush just doesn’t stand up at all. Maybe because it is really lightweight. It’s no biggie but I thought I’d mention it.The brush as you can see has a lovely angle that fits perfectly under the eyes, and around the nose, and you can multitask it a little for contouring the nose and highlighting as well. You can use this brush with liquid or cream concealers, and it doesn’t drink up the product.

Real Techniques Concealer Brush (4)

Real Techniques Concealer Brush (5)

You can easily sweep the concealer under the eye using both the sides of the brush. The great thing about this brush is that it is firm enough, so you can really work your product in. It is not very very soft that it doesn’t move the concealer around. So it is firm enough without being too hard that really blends in the product beautifully. You can use the whole side of the brush to sweep the product and the tip to soften out the edges. I have dark area on the inner corner of my eyes, and the pointed end of this brush, helps in applying the concealer particularly in that area without getting the product in my eye like most of the bigger brushes do. As the bristles are synthetic, it is quite easy to clean the bristles. And it dries fast too. There is no color bleeding from the bristles or shedding after cleaning the brush.

Real Techniques Concealer Brush (8)

Real Techniques Concealer Brush (7)

If you have used Real Techniques Setting Brush for concealer blending then this Concealer brush with the angularr tip makes it even more perfect for blending in the concealer. Again this one is a multitasker and can be used under the eyes, on blemishes and also to apply highlighter and for contouring too.

Pros of Real Techniques Concealer Brush:

  • The quality, soft bristles.
  • Synthetic Bristles dont hold the product stain (easy to wash).
  • 100% Cruelty- free.
  • Perfect blending without any harsh lines.
  • Cleaning is easy and dries up faster.
  • Didn’t loose its shape.
  • No shedding of bristles.
  • Cheaper than Mac, Sigma and other high end makeup brushes in market.

Cons of Real Techniques Concealer Brush:

Availability is an issue.

IMBB rating:

Overall, Real Techniques concealer brush is a handy brush that everyone needs it in their makeup collection. It fits perfectly under the eyes and around the nose for flawless coverage of those difficult areas. You can multitask with the brush according to your comfort. Do try the brush, you will love it!!!

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12 thoughts on “Real Techniques Concealer Brush Review

  1. super! I am in the land of Real Techniques right now :p
    I would use this for shadow and smaller contouring for sure

  2. that looks like a very interesting brush. giving an angle to a concealer brush is sheer brilliance. I mean who would have thought even though we struggle getting those contours right… very good review 🙂

  3. I am rather new to makeup brushes but would love to have this brush. I like its shape and I think it’ll definitely help with the application. And, it looks classy too. 🙂

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