Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio Review

Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio Review

Hiya Beauties,

It is an acceptable fact, that we all here at IMBB are, skin care, beauty and make up junkies, though in a healthy, acceptable way. We don’t obsess, instead, we insist on looking just gorgeous, with, or without makeup, because our IMBB family stresses on all the factors of beauty ; a healthy diet, a healthy skin and beautiful natural day makeup to gorgeous diva look in the night parties. So much so, that, now even the people who live with us, have started to understand it as our passion, rather than a silly obsession. Makeup and beauty is an art, never to underestimate, for you don’t create a painting by just slapping uneven colors on canvas. You beautify each and every nook and corner, with the shades and strokes, to make it a really beautiful and unique piece. Same, is the case with our beautiful and unique face, and features, our art and passion with our makeup tools and cosmetics, only enhances it.

Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio

The other day, I was thinking, that now I am good with makeup brushes, and rarely do I use my fingers for anything. But what if I have to go somewhere? I cannot possibly put all my brushes inside my makeup bag, or even for those whole day outs, when I want touch ups. Then I came across a savior, and that is what I am going to review for you guys today – Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio. Is it possible to do your complete makeup with three brushes, while being on the move? Read on, to find out.


Real techniques brushes have been on my wish list for a long time. Probably, since my makeup only consisted of bb cream and some kajal. So, on Diwali, I splurged my savings on RT. And boy, I got those at really good deals from online sellers.  For now, I am the proud owner of RT starter set, RT expert face brush, RT blush brush and RT settings brush which have already been reviewed on IMBB, and RT Mini Brush Trio and RT retractable lip brush, that I am going to review for you all.

Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio

I got these brushes online for Rs. 1020, including all shipping charges and duties, which is very reasonable according to me. Phew, considering the fact that when I had ordered just the expert face brush, the person asked me 2500 bucks as custom duty *facepalm*.

Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio

Oh, I love the packaging, and that goes for all RT brushes. The case with the starter set is a proof of the fact that Chapman sisters never wanted us without our favorite tools. It comes in a mini plastic pouch, small enough to fit even in a wallet or clutch size purse or pouch, it is that tiny; look at the size. Of course, the color coding makes them all the more cute looking. Pink for the face brush, yellow for the concealer (foundation it is actually) brush and purple for the eye brush.

My Experience with Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio:

This is a gem of a product, trust me on that. Just to experiment, and take up the challenge, I did my whole n*de makeup look for the day using just these three brushes and I was amazed. You know they say that good things come in small packages? It is so true for these mini beauties.

Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio

Mini Face Brush:

I applied my BB cream with it, tried to blend the Colorbar stick foundation with it the other day, and full marks for blending. It gives an airbrushed finish that you are going to love. Next, though it is a bit small, it applies powder to those oily areas of your face perfectly, and blends effortlessly. Third and the best, I love to apply blush with it, it is just perfect, and even better than the RT blush brush, at that.

Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio

The only thing is, since you have used this one brush for whole base makeup, which includes blush, you will have to wash it after every use, as if you use it for touch up, the blush is going to spoil your face, for obvious reasons. Never you mind, I have a quick tip for that too. When on the move, after you have used your brush, wipe it clean with your makeup removal wipe and keep it under the fan for a few minutes. This will remove your makeup residue to a respectable extent and make it available for reuse, without the lengthy process of washing and drying. But remember, this is a quick tip for travel and on the move purposes. You really should wash your brushes thoroughly whenever you get the chance to. Washed it once, no shedding.  Though I love my expert face brush to the core, this too is an excellent alternative, and dense enough for your whole face makeup.


As a foundation/bb cream brush : 5/5
As a powder brush : 4.5/5
As a blush brush : 5/5

Mini Foundation Brush:

The Chapman sisters themselves suggest using it as a concealer brush, apart from using it is a foundation brush. Forget it people, stick to it for your concealer application for under eyes and hard to reach areas. Do not even think of applying your foundation or bb cream with it. It is going to take ages to cover your whole face with this teeny tiny flat brush. Stick to concealing. Washed it once, no shedding.

Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio


As a foundation brush : Don’t even think of trying.
As a concealer brush : 4/5.

Mini Shading Brush:

Now, this is where the real challenge came. You see, for my regular look, I use a apricot shade shadow, a brown shadow for crease, a bit of smudging the brown liner, and of course fill up the brows. These are one hell of tasks to be covered by a single brush. Still, since I had taken up the challenge, I had to try and do it.

Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio

It applied the apricot shadow quickly and beautifully. I could contour and crease easily using this. Also, even after using two shadows, I could still use it lightly for smudging my brown kohl. Now came the brows. That was the field I had a tough time doing, but still it did a decent job when I patted my light hair areas with brown shadow. Still the finish was decent, not brilliant like the eyebrow brush that comes in the starter set.

Washed it once, no shedding.


As eyeshadow application brush : 5/5
As creasing and blending brush : 5/5
As smudge brush : 4/5
As eyebrow brush : 3/5

Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio

Overall Thoughts:

I think this is a must-have in the kitty of a traveler or adventurer. Also, if you like to have an emergency brush kit with you for daily touch ups, this is a must pick. Only, this does not have a lip brush to complete the set, but you can always use your fingers to pat in the color and make it subtle.

IMBB Rating:


A must-have!

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27 thoughts on “Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio Review

    1. I wanted to try stippling one but then chose expert face brush instead 😀 I am too lazy to stipple 😛 though it gives an awesome finish I have heard 🙂

    1. Thanks Lisha 😀 …oct and nov were Real Techniques months for I have completed my RT set..all the ones that I needed and I love these to the core 😀 😀

    1. Thaaanks niharika 🙂 You can get these online from or 🙂 just check that the seller is cart2india, when you order from these retailers..they are the official dealers of real techniques in India 😀 😀

  1. Great review Kadambari and I so drooling over your brush set. I don’t know when I will be able to lay my hands on RT brushes, any brushes for that matter. I use a basic Vega brush set and desperately want to expand the collection. Thanks for the brilliant review. And I am curious to know your eye shadows (mentioned in the post) shade and brand. If poss, please let know 🙂

    1. Thaaanks tanvi 🙂 even i bought RT brushes after drooling over these for nearly an year 😉 the shadows that I use are Deborah Milano wet and dry shadows in the shades 04 and 05..i have reviewed these two on IMBB..u can check if u want 🙂

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