9 Reasons Why Your Hair is Losing the Shine



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We all love lustrous, shiny and healthy hair. But often, it looks dull and dry. Even when your hair is thick, it looks very unhealthy and boring. In this post, I will tell you about 10 reasons that prevent your hair from being shiny and soft.

9 Reasons Why Your Hair is Losing the Shine

1. Pollution Exposure

Just like our skin our hair is also exposed to harsh sunlight and pollution. However, we do not rally apply sunscreens on our hair. This makes our hair dry and dull. To prevent this, you must wrap your hair in a scarf while are going out so that the pollutants and harsh sun rays do not touch it.

2. Heat Damage


Do you blow dry your hair every morning because you are in a hurry? Well, that can damage the hair and make it dull and lifeless in a long run. This along with straighteners, curlers rip off the moisture from the hair and often makes it dry and brittle. Try to towel dry the hair and let it air dry normally. If you use a blow dryer, do not use high heat. Also, apply heat protecting serum and oil to lessen the damage.

3. Wrong shampoos and Conditioner

We buy shampoos and conditioners because our favorite celebrity is endorsing it and labeling it as the secret behind their soft, shiny hair. But a closer look at the label often reveals ingredients that are harmful for the hair. SLS, paraben, ammonia are common ingredients that are present in shampoos and make hair dry and lifeless. Opt for milder, organic products for everyday use that can cleanse the hair and scalp without ripping off the moisture and damaging it.

4. Frequent Chemical Treatments

PhotosHairdresser squeezing hair conditioner on hand

Many people think that the normal black hair is boring and keep on experimenting with colors, hair bleaching and highlighting. The continuous chemical treatments often damage the hair badly. Many women fail to take proper care of their hair after these treatments which cause severe damage. Try to stay away from these as much as possible and let your normal hair shine. If you do opt for any of these treatments, take care of your hair properly afterwards.

5. Keeping it Open All Time

Long open hair looks stylish and beautiful. However, the hair goes through a lot of friction due to the dresses that you are wearing and looses moisture. Also, the exposure to pollution increases when you keep it open. You keep adjusting the hair and touching it repeatedly can make it dry and lifeless. Try it up in a stylish bun or braid it up for your daily looks. Keep it open during the party time and let it shine with all its glory.

6. Wrong Brushing Technique

Headshot of a nervous girl with a hairbrush

We often detangle our hair aggressively when we are running late. But, this can make the hair dry and brittle. Also, the hair breaks when you comb the wet, fragile hair. Trying to brush the hair fast and in any way you wish is not great for the hair. Try to comb towel dried hair after applying a serum with a proper detangling brush to detangle the hair.

7. No Trimming

We all love long and lustrous hair. But over time, it keeps losing the shine. The ends break, develop split ends and make the hair look dull and frizzy. It is important to trim the hair in every two months to make the ends maintain the shine.

8. Lack of Micronutrients

Eating healthy food

Even when you fulfill the daily calorie goals, often your diet lacks proper micronutrients. The vitamins and minerals are very important for your hair health. When you do not have enough of that, your hair will look unhealthy and lifeless. Try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Also, talk to your doctor and see if you need some supplements to balance the need.

9. Hormonal and Other Physical Issues

We often suffer from certain physical conditions that affect our hair. Your hair will look dull and unhealthy. If nothing changes the dry, dull feel in your hair, you can consult a doctor to find out the reason. Proper medical treatment will cure the problem and also make your hair healthy again.

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