10 Reasons why you are still Gaining Weight even with Diet and Exercise

Have you been feeling like you aren’t losing weight at all? Even with all the dieting and exercise? Well, sometimes our body keeps fighting back when we try to change the routine too much. First things first, that you must be patient, it takes time to see a different in your weight. And secondly, if you’ve waited long enough to see results and they are just not showing, here is what we think you are doing wrong! Let’s find out 10 Reasons why you are still Gaining Weight even with Diet and Exercise.

Reasons why you are still Gaining Weight even with Diet and Exercise

1. You’re Eating Too Many Calories: Keeping a count of your calorie intake is necessary if you seriously want to shed weight. Everybody has a certain amount of calorie that is vital through the day. For instance, mine can go from 1200 to 1400 a day and it is advisable to eat within the said range.

2. You’re not Drinking Enough Water: If you aren’t hydrating yourself properly, you will find it difficult to slim down. Water is extremely important when you are trying to get rid of fat, plus it also keeps your metabolism active.

3. You aren’t Sleeping Too Well: Are you getting 8 hours of sound sleep? If not, this might be a reason for no changes in your weight. If you have an uneven sleeping pattern or sleep for less than 7 hours, you can end up gaining a lot of weight too.

4. You’re having too Much Sugar: Many of us think health drinks available in the market are healthy, but they are not! Stop drinking packaged drinks marketed as healthy, diet friendly or sugar free. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables at home to see a different in your weight.

5. You are Avoiding Proper Exercise: If you are randomly stretching, or doing irregular exercises at home, you aren’t doing it right. Try not to start a workout regime on your own. Consult a fitness expert or join classes for the same. It doesn’t have to be the gym, it can be anything from aerobics, power yoga, Zumba and more. For more methodical exercises, download Rati Beauty app from the playstore/Google Play and subscribe to our weight loss programs.

6. You are not Lifting Weights: Yes, lifting weights and strength training is key for quicker results towards weight loss. If you are skipping lifting weights at the gym, you are slowing down your own goals.

7. You aren’t doing Cardio or Walking: Whether you do cardio in a gym or walk in the fresh air, it is a must to do at least 7 to 8 kilometers a day. By doing 2 to 3 kilometers, you are only digesting the food you ate through the day. To shed weight, you have to push to 4.5 kilometers and more.

8. You are having too much Alcoholic Drinks: Excessive alcohol can result in weight gain over time. Beer belly is a real thing and if you are drinking a lot in a week, you will have a tough time slimming down.

9. You are not having the Right Amount of Protein: Your diet needs a certain amount of protein in a day to keep your muscles going. Check the diet you are following or get guidance to find a tried-and-tested diet plan.

10. Just like Protein – Fiber is important for the Body too: Like they say, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away! If you aren’t having fiber daily, you will have excessive bloating and a difficult time in keeping fats away from the tummy area.

Eat right and on time, hydrate yourself with water, run for 45 minutes and get eight hours of sleep. These 5 essentials are a must for weight loss. Other than all of this, keep a track of your progress to know where you might be going wrong.

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