7 Reasons Why you Should Use a Highlighter

Hi ladies,
Not many of us use highlighters as frequently as we should. A good highlighter used in the right amount and in the right places can give your face a smooth, younger looking luminous look with a subtle gleam.

Should use a highlighter

1. To make your skin look younger
You can add a highlighter on top of your cheekbones to add dimension to your face. When light hits the higher points of your face, the highlighter makes your face look younger and fresher.

cupid's bow2. To plump up your lips
You can apply highlighter to your cupid’s bow after you apply a lipstick to get cleaner looking lips and also to make your pout look bigger and fuller.

3. To make your forehead look polished
If you have a small forehead and you want to make it look a bit longer then you can dab a bit of highlighter above your brows. This will give your forehead a nice polished and longer look. Those who have extremely oily skin can gladly skip this.

highlighted eyes4. To highlight eyes
Dab some highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes. This is the oldest trick in the beauty book to open up the eyes and give them a more wide-awake and brightening look.

5. To minimize dark undereye circles
Just mix a drop of your creamy highlighter with an undereye concealer. This will quickly neutralise dark circles around your eyes and will lighten and brighten your eye area in no time.

6. To fake a face lift
Apply a bit of highlighter under your eyebrows and above them after you have filled them in. This will accentuate the eye area and will emphasise the shape of your brows making them arched up and providing you a mini face lift.

nose7. To highlight the nose
Apply your highlighter down the bridge of your nose to make your nose appear longer and thinner. Do not forget to gently blend foundation a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone on the sides of your nose too.

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