Can Red Light Therapy Help You Lose Weight?

Red light therapy is touted as one of the most innovative and modern ways to reduce weight. It is also used to treat skin concerns like ageing, pigmentation, discoloration, wrinkles and many more skin issues. It has also been proven to boost blood circulation. Many experts have claimed that it can reduce extra kilos and shed extra fat. Let’s find out if Red Light Therapy Help You Lose Weight:

Red Light Therapy Help You Lose Weight

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light increases metabolic rate. This kind of a light increases glucose oxidation. When more glucose is burned, it leads to fat loss eventually. In addition to the metabolic boost, red and infrared light also improve blood flow to the area.

Can Red Light Therapy Help You Lose Weight?

People are asked to sit or lie down or put their back in front of the red light. The area which needs to be shaped or the area where extra kilos are required to be cut down is exposed to red light time and again. This is how after repetitive sessions, extra fat is reduced from the body. Another popular thing which is known to reduce weight are infrared body wraps. These are actually large silicon pads or wraps that emit infrared light which can be worn around the legs, torso and arms. This is good for spot treatment and is known to target fat at specific areas.

Light therapy helps the body clear away fat cells. When red light is exposed to the body, fat is converted to carbon dioxide and water. So, extra fat gets washed away in the form of carbon dioxide and water. A study has proved that red light therapy can even control hunger-related hormones like leptin, ghrelin. Red light works on them, reducing fat stored in the body. It helps to repair damaged cells and thus help in the formation of new cells. Additionally, red light therapy helps in weight loss by triggering fat cells to release their stored fats into the bloodstream. This way the fats gets washed out through the blood. Red light therapy stimulates mitochondria in the cells and in turns boosts up metabolism. So, yes, red light therapy can help you lose weight.

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