How To Reduce Pigmentation of Lips

How To Reduce Pigmentation of Lips

How To Reduce Pigmentation of Lips

Many of us have this problem with pigmented lips.  Being Indians, many of us have brown or varied coloured pigmented lips, but as the trend goes, only natural pink lips are appreciated.  I am not an advocate of this fact.  Even when I tell myself, I will go for a permanent lip colour that would be a neutral natural brown and not pink.  I have nothing against pink lips, but I grew up having slightly pigmented upper lip and hearing comments from school girls if I smoke? I wanted to bash them right, left and centre there.  I do not understand the trends associated with pink lips, more so, the definition of pigmented lips varies from country to country.  In some places, having deep red and very deep pink lips are considered pigmented lips, weird, isn’t it?

Pink lips

There are many makeup and lightening methods used to treat pigmented lips.  I am listing a few below.  I personally like to use the lipstick and glosses as it is on my lips for their natural colour to come out.  As I like the way my lips are, but I do like them to be supple and natural, so I tend to use coconut oil or this particular lip colour by Dior.  I forgot its name, but not everyone thinks like I do and here are some tips for ladies who would like to lighten up their lips to get the very loved naturally pink lips.

    • MAC makes “Lip Erase.”
    • You could use things like lip lightner’s creams and stuff available in market.  Beware most of them are of harsh concentration.
    • Natural remedies includes applying coconut oil.
    • Use a nude lipstick before applying your colour.
    • Try getting highly pigmented lipsticks, for example, Rimmel London or Lancome.
    • Make sure you keep your lips moisturised and do not lick them when they are dry.
    • Use lemon juice mixed with honey with cotton every night.
    • Raw milk on your lips help them lighten too.
    • Drink a lot of water as it flushes out all the toxins and keeps skin and lips moisturised.
    • Apple cider vinegar I have found works for my back as well as face and lips too.
    • Glycerin with rose water again works as a toner and doubles up as a conditioner for lips too.
    • Apply a concealer.
    • Stop smoking, yes stop all together.
    • Eat yogurt.
    • Lightly brush your lips while brushing in the morning.
    • Avoid as much sun as you can, if need be, go out with a sunscreen on your lips as well.
    • Your lip balm is your best friend.
    • In winters, try malai and kesar mixture.


    • Keep a lip balm in your bag always and apply it as often as necessary.  There is no limit to how many times you want to apply a lip balm.

Charlize Theron

  • Eating green leafy vegetables and keeping a healthy diet overall which includes dairy products keeps your body, skin and brain all healthy and wealthy(err.. not too sure about the wealthy part).

So, all in all, this is what I could derive for you all, hope it helps and hope you all lovelies stay comfortable and pretty in your own skin and lip tones, enhancing is acceptable.

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  1. great article flygirl! :yes: :yes: :high5: :high5: :high5: :high5: :high5: m sure it will be beneficial to a lot of women. very rightly said that it is not necessary to have pink lips.

  2. Haha. Love the way you write. I have very pigmented lips, but they are almost red/dark pink. It irritates me that I cannot wear light lipsticks as they don’t show up, no matter how pigmented they are. Will the Mac lip erase work for this as well?

  3. Just what I was looking for! Are there any good treatments? Like peels or something for treating pigmented lips? My lips are pigmented. I want to get rid of them!

    1. i dnt knw about thata ravali but considering how tender lip area is i wnt go for lightening or peels.instead go for permanent lip colour in a very natyral shade :whistle:

  4. great review flygal…..i have insanely pigmented lips and i don like it will try this remedies hope it works :specs: :specs: :specs:

  5. Thanks for the tips FG.. Can you tell me how I should use Kesar with malai? Just soak for a while and use or do we need to powder it? I always have this qn with kesar:(

  6. Great review FG. :yes: :yes: I will try out them for sure. :makeup: :makeup: Thanks a lottttt. :puchhi: I have been hearing from childhood that glycerine is good for lips. Have you tried it yourself? From where do u buy glycerine? :silly:

  7. Great review.. I apply beetroot juice on my lips not everyday; but whenever I prepare beet stir fry or a soup with beet.. This has really helped me to a get more pinker lips naturally though I don’t have much pigmented lips.. :preen:

  8. I was thinking about this today and you gave us all the tricks :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :clap: :clap: :teddy: loved reading it’s really nice… :haanji: :haanji:

  9. Great Tips Flygirl… :yes: I needed this as I have pigmented lips. If I can add one more beneficial tip then it is applying ghee on your lips. Definitely helps

  10. I have highly pigmented lips! Been using Biotique’s morning nectar lipbalm n my lips are lighter :yahoo: :yahoo: It’s awesome although it’s damn thick n irritating to apply :yuck: I use it as a night treatment n exflotiate in the morning, I follow that up with neutrogena lip balm (my HG :puchhi: ) This has helped to a great extent! Slow results but obviously can’t expect the pigmentation to go off overnight na (how I wish there was something like that :D)

  11. hi..this is my first comment here….i have pigmented lips too….but i dnt have the patience to try home remedies as they take too long….is getting a permanent lipcolor thing done safe??? and any places in delhi where one can get this done?? plz help…thnx 🙂

  12. Gud info…rauni…. Me have slight pigmentation near corners thts it….but this post wl help lots of women around…thanks fo sharing…

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