How To Reduce Side Fat From Back

With the Durga Pujas, Dussehra and Diwali just around the corner, most of us would be planning to go all ethnic in sarees. But a lot of us would shy away from wearing ethnic clothes, shying away because of bulges on the back and fat deposit. Today’s topic of discussion will be on how to reduce love handles and fat bulges that stick out way to prominently show up when we wear low-cut blouses. In this post, we would discuss about spot reduction exercises that are aimed at addressing aforesaid concerns. So without any further ado, let us get started:

How To Reduce Side Fat From Back

1. Bent Over Row: After you have thoroughly warmed up, it is time for you to start with what is popularly known as the Bent Over Row exercise. All you need to do is take two dumbbells, arch at your knees a little as you slightly bend forward. Then keeping your spine straight as far as possible, you move your arms in the rowing movement through the air, while looking forward and straight. Repeat this move some 10 times twice. It is good for reducing your back fat.

2. Go for Cardio: Undoubtedly, cardio is the best way to reduce fat wherever it might be located. So, it is wise to set up a cardio regimes such as rowing, swimming, running/jogging or biking if you want to get rid of back fat and side flaps. If you want to reduce fat – cardio is highly recommended.


3. High Intensity Interval Training: Also abbreviated as HIIT, this workout regime apparently works wonders with fat reduction, especially from those tricky areas/regions such as love handles and back fat. If you spare yourself 20 minutes of HIIT along with 5 minutes of warming up and cool down exercises, you have hit jackpot at weight and fat reduction front. HIIT goes something like, you start jogging at a moderate/comfortable pace, then after a few minutes you start running vigorously for several minutes, then again slow down and keep at your moderate pace till you stop. Then you go ahead and repeat the process two more times per session per day. You will get your desired results in just under a few weeks time for sure.

4. Bodyweight Exercises: This is another time-tested workout regime that is guaranteed to reduce side flaps and love handles in no time. It is called bodyweight exercises which quite simply imply that you need to use your own body weight to reduce fat from those tricky places. Exercises such as Lower Back Extensions which basically target to tone your muscles over there and getting rid of that annoying fat that hangs over your jeans. Then there are the bridge exercises which are ideal for reducing your tummy fat along with targeting your love handles.

5. Using Weights and Machines: If you are not averse to the idea of hitting the gym regularly, then exercising with weights and machines is the thing for you. This not only allows you to work on specific spot reduction but also to aim for toning specific regions of your body with the appropriate use of weights and machines, that suits your desire. A word of precaution however is that one should always consult a professional personal trainer before hitting the weights and machines at the gym for best results and also to ensure not to overdo and injure oneself. Furthermore, for best results, combining exercises with weights and machines with Cardio and miscellaneous strength training exercises comes highly recommended.

6. Diet plans: Diet plays an important role in shaping up your body. It is important to monitor your calorie intake, but you to keep in mind that you don’t end up cutting back too many calories as this will make you fatigued. Care must be taken to include a balanced diet in your meals. This means making protein intake an integral part of your meals, loading up on plenty of low-calorie and nutrient dense fruits and vegetables that will reduce your hunger pangs and bring down your calorie intake. Also, avoid processed foods as much as possible and eat 100% whole grains as it has more nutritional value.

7. Medical ways of cutting down side fat: If none of the above ways are working in your favour, then plastic surgery remains the last resort to lose fat from certain areas of the body. This form of plastic surgery for spot fat reduction is called liposuction. But this is not a permanent solution for fat removal, hence if post the surgery you don’t follow healthy lifestyle and diet plans, the body fat in such areas is going to come back. Also, since these surgical procedures bear a good amount of cost and also harbor certain side effects, it is better not to give in to these procedures.

At the end of the day, our ideal advice to you would be to follow a healthy diet and workout routine. Set your goals accordingly and always bear a positive mindset. Then , only you can lose such unwanted weight faster.

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