Refreshing and Brightening Face Mask: Do It Yourself

Refreshing and Brightening Face Mask: Do It Yourself

Hello Beautiful ones,

With this scorching summer heat we find ourselves getting drained, perspired and tanned. So today I would love to share with you all a face mask which helps to keep us refreshed at the same time brightens our skin. Let us look into the most important things we require,

• Juice of half cucumber
• Besan flour – 3 tablespoons
• Multani Mitti – 1 tablespoon
• Honey – 1 tablespoon (adjust it accordingly to make a creamy smooth paste)


In consistent with the other face mask requirements we also need,

• A bowl or a cup with a spoon to combine the mask together
• Peeler to peel the skin of cucumber
• Knife to slice the cucumber
• An empty plastic bottle to fill in the cucumber juice (not much required if you are free enough to prepare the juice freshly)
• A sieve (not included in the picture)

Method to make cucumber juice:

Since you are going to use this vegetable on your skin, select a best cucumber. Peel the skin off and slice the cucumber. Blend it in the mixer. Strain the juice of the cucumber by passing the mashed cucumber through the sieve.



If there is any surplus quantity of cucumber juice then you can very well go ahead and store it in any transparent plastic bottle and refrigerate. But make sure to utilize this within one week. Or else you can also prepare a new batch every day.


How to:

Mix in half juice of one cucumber with Besan flour, Multani Mitti and required honey to make a smooth, creamy paste. Apply this mixture 10 minutes before taking bath. Rinse off. No need to use soap on face while on shower.


Apply this mask religiously for 3 times a week to get refreshing, glowing skin.
I apply this face mask every alternate day to rejuvenate my skin when it gets tanned after stepping out. This also uplifts my face by making it to appear younger with clear complexion. It is most ideal to use this during summer months since using cucumber makes the skin refreshed and removes tan.

Make sure to use this mask before taking bath, dear beauties.

Hope you like to try this face mask and will also enjoy after using it!!!

Till then, take care and stay beautiful.

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  1. Great home remedy… *woot* i am soooo happy that everything you mentioned is right there in my kitchen… will surely make it *happy dance*

    1. *thankyou*
      Barsha pigmentation is discoloration of the skin most commonly by sun exposure. Even some cosmetic allergies can lead to discolouration *nababana* *jogging*

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