6 Remedies for Acne Caused by Birth Control

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I’m back with another post! Well, today we would be talking about remedies for acne cased by birth control. For woman, birth control can be an option for treating acne, as it can help to regulate the hormones, which lead to breakouts on the skin. Birth control and acne are linked to each other, as it plays a major role in triggering acne and pimples on the skin. Birth control not only helps to promote acne, but it is also responsible behind the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads and painful sores on the skin.

6 Remedies for Acne Caused by Birth Control

So, if you are the one who is frequently searching for acne treatments caused by birth control, here are some easy ways to do.

1. Moisturise Smartly

Young attractive girl applying cream on her face

While trying to treat the acne caused by birth control, you should moisturise your skin smartly. You should generally choose non-comedogenic and oil-free moisturiser, so that it does not clog the pores and also trigger further acne. You should apply moisturiser with fingers and spread it evenly on the face. Use Natio Daily Repair Oil Free Moisturiser for best results.

2. Lemon Juice Treatment

Lemon juice

One among the easy ways to treat acne caused by birth control is using lemon juice. Lemon juice contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can help to treat the acne as early as possible. Also, the citric acid found in lemon can help to dry the acne and also prevent the birth control pills from making your acne worst.

3. Drink Lots of Water

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One easy way to keep your body and skin healthy is by keeping yourself hydrated. Drinking lots of water can help to flush out the toxins from the body and also helps to keep your skin healthy and supple. You need to drink lots of water everyday in order to keep your skin healthy and prevent acne caused due to birth control. You should generally drink 8-12 glasses of water regularly in a day.

4. Opt for Peels

Facial Chemical Peel

Most of the scientists have said that you should apply peels, so that it can help to heal the acne on the skin. You should generally use peels which contain glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids which can help to heal the acne on the skin and also keep it healthy throughout the day. Using these chemical peels not only help to slough off the dead skin cells from the face, but also play a major role in healing the acne caused by birth control.

5. Apply Some Yogurt


Getting some bacteria on the face is an easy remedy that can help to control the acne production on face, caused due to birth control. Yogurt contains good bacteria which can help to heal the acne and also keep your skin healthy and supple. Probiotics in the yogurt can help to ease the inflammation and also prevents from other skin problems. Take some fresh yogurt and apply on the skin. Wait for some time and wash off with lukewarm water.

6. Use More of Rose Water

Handmade rose extract cosmetic products with fresh flowers.

Using more of rose water can help to keep your skin healthy, supple and moisturized. Rose water contains natural skin healing and skin soothing properties, which can help to soothe the skin and also promote clear and glowing skin. Take some fresh rose water and apply to the face. Allow it to dry on its own. Rosewater not only helps to heal the acne, but plays a major role in calming down the skin and treating the inflammed skin as well.

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