Remedies For Dry Skin Around Mouth

Winters have set in and along with the season, comes in a new set of problems for all skin types – oily, combination, and normal skin becomes dry and dry skin becomes even more drier.  Flaky, moisture-less, rough, stretchy skin we struggle to tackle, but some of us may have this dryness around the mouth area which causes a lot of discomfort. Dryness around the mouth is compounded during cold winter climate.  It can also be caused by allergies, dermatitis, if you are constantly under low AC setting, or if you are using acne ointments.  This condition is aggravated during the cold months and also if you lick your lips a lot, it might get worse.  Some fluoride based toothpastes can also lead to such a problem.  Here are some remedies that can help you combat this problem:

dry mouth

1.  Keep the area around the mouth moisturized:  Use a good moisturizer around the area, look for ingredients like vitamin E,  jojoba oil, shea butter, etc.  Since the skin around the mouth is ripped off moisture, it would be prudent if even oily skin could apply “suitable for very dry skin” moisturisers.
2.  Keep yourself hydrated:  Lack of hydration aggravates dry skin issues and we tend to consume less water and fluids during winters.  Include at least 8 glasses in your routine and you would be able to see the changes.
3. Use a moisturizing lip balm:  Smear your lips and the area around the mouth with lip balms with moisturizing properties and leave it overnight.  Lip balms such as Maybelline Baby Lips and Carmex heal chapped lips and dry skin around the mouth.  If you can find lip balms with beeswax as ingredient, nothing like it.
4. Exfoliate:  To get new soft skin, you would have to slough off the dead and scaly skin around the mouth.  Use a mild scrub or even better opt for homemade scrubs.  Try this olive oil + sugar scrub.
5. Nourishing Oils:  Massage in olive oil, almond oil, or any other healing/nourishing oils around the mouth area and keep it on for some time before wiping it off.  These oils provide the essential moisturization and would soften the area around the mouth.
6.Apply clarified butter:  Clarified butter or ghee acts as an emollient and you can leave it overnight on the area to soften and smooth skin.
7. Aloe Vera:  If you are experiencing inflammation and redness around the area, you can apply fresh aloe vera gel because it helps in calming and soothing skin and also it has immense moisturizing effect.
8. Cold Cream:  Apply a coat of cold cream and if you are scared of cold creams, you can check out Fair and Lovely’s new cold cream which claims to be oil free.
9. Vitamin E Capsule Treatment:  Vitamin E is known for its healing properties and massaging vitamin E capsules around the mouth area will aid in quick healing of skin.  Buy vitamin E capsules off the counter and you can apply them directly on to the affected area.
10. Use a sunscreen:  Last but not the least, use a good SPF sunscreen around the mouth area (take care that it does not go into the mouth) because such skin is highly prone to sun damage and you would not be wanting to deal sunburns and other issues later on.

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21 thoughts on “Remedies For Dry Skin Around Mouth

  1. Worthreading n handy post for dry winters.. *clap* u always come up wid apt n much needed tips jomol.. *jai ho* *puchhi* I wud give them a try… *happy dance*

  2. I soooo wanted something like this because this thing happens to me every winter *cry* *cry* *cry* the area becomes very dry and red and it burns like very badly *headbang* *headbang* i am going to try all of these tips *happy dance* *happy dance*

  3. OMG! this worked so fast and so well! I had really really really bad and painful dry lips for the last 20 days and I tried this immediately after reading the article. The whole procedure took me about 7 mins to complete and I can already see SUCH A HUGE difference 😀 thank you sooooo much

    PS I applied a bit of the scrub to my nail beds and they look so much better 😛

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