Remedies for Lip Pigmentation

How are you all doing? I am doing good and hope you are also doing great. Today, we would be talking about simple remedies to treat lip pigmentation. Dark or pigmented lips can be shameful for every individual, and hence, getting rid of this problem is very important. There are many factors which can lead to dark lips, and hence, you should take care of them at the earliest.

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Excessive smoking, unhygienic skin conditions or overusing cosmetics on the lips may lead to darkening of lips. While sometimes, darkening of lips may be genetically inherited and is generally found in people with a dark complexion. So, in order to treat lip pigmentation, here we mention you different remedies to get rid of the problem.

1. Using Lip Whitening Cream:

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Girls who have dark or pigmented lips can opt to use lip whitening cream, as it can leave your lips pink and supple. Using lip whitening creams can help to lighten your lips naturally and restore the moisturization. There are many lip whitening creams available in the market and here we advise you some of the best creams –
• Jaowying Beauty Jujub Instant Pink Lip and Nipple Cream
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Care
• 1 Week Mayfair Pink Lip and Nipple Cream
• Instant Pink Lip and Nipple Cream
• Nivea Soothe & Protect Lip Balm SPF15
EOS Organic Lip Balm Sphere

2. Laser Treatment for Dark Lips:

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Laser treatment in not just available to treat dark skin but it is equally effective in treating pigmented lips as well. Using laser treatment can help to give you naturally pink and hydrated lips. There are two different types of laser treatments which can help to treat pigmented lips. Ablative Laser is a common lip treatment which can help to treat top layer of the lip and give it a naturally pink glow. Non-Ablative Laser is another process to treat dark skin which can help to promote collagen growth and also tighten the skin. Generally, you will need to undergo 5-6 sittings to lighten the lips completely.

3. Using Scrubs:

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Using homemade or market-based lip scrubs can help to treat the pigmented lips. Using scrubs on lips, once or twice in a week, can help to deal with dark skin on the lips. You can also make your own lip scrub at home. Take one spoon of brown sugar and add some olive oil to it. Mix together and massage your lips with this. Using lip scrubs can help to exfoliate your lips and also make way for the new and fresh skin.

4. Homemade Pomegranate Lip Scrub:

Using homemade pomegranate lip scrub can help to promote healthy and pinkish lips. Pomegranate contains Vitamin E and a lot of good fatty acids, which can help to keep your lips pink and healthy. In order to make a lip scrub, take some pomegranate seeds and grind them to make a paste. Now add two spoons of clarified butter or shea butter and mix together. Apply this on your lips and leave it overnight. Wash off in the morning with cold water.

5. Lemon Juice Therapy:

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Lemon contains natural skin whitening properties which can help to treat dark lips easily. Using lemon can help to treat pigmentation on lips, and it also promotes glowing and supple skin. In order to use lemon on lips, make a paste of lemon and honey together. Apply this paste on your lips and wash off with cold water. Simply applying lemon juice may also benefit your lips.

6. Kojic Acid:

One of the most effective skin lightening treatments for treating lip pigmentation is kojic acid. Kojic acid is a great chemical which can help to block the production of color pigment, melanin, on the lips. Using creams, serums or scrubs with kojic acid can help to prevent further darkening of the lips. Kojic acid is actually an agent which is produced by several unique species of fungi. Kojic acid is commonly found in Japanese beauty products often referred as Koji.

7. Chemical Peel:

Chemical peeling, exfoliating treatment. Beautician imposes on the woman's face a cosmetic preparation.

Using the chemical peel to treat dark or pigmented skin should be performed only in the dermatology clinic. Expert or dermatologist often follows a special formula of peeling in order to give you guaranteed results. The chemical peel contains a lot of skin whitening ingredients and good chemicals, which can keep your lips hydrated and also treat lip hyperpigmentation.

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