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Neha T. asks:

Ladies I need help, big time. My face was clear and spot free, I don’t know how, one fine day I woke up and had a huge acne breakout. I’ve just changed my face wash to Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser (although I used another variant of Neutrogena before), I doubt is the breakout caused due to my change in face wash? To get rid of this, I got an O3 peel done on my face and the acne got redued. But the acne are leaving scars and even some more are coming up, It has become a mess 🙁 I’ve started applying tomato pulp but I guess natural things do take time to show effect. How to get this one fixed?

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11 thoughts on “Remedies for Sudden Acne Breakout: Ask IMBB

  1. Neha this had happened to me when I had gone for a facial an they used some blackhead removal tools on me(must not be sterilized but knowledge was limited and the girls were pushy :/)
    i was dumb that i did not go to the derma after i saw an acne breakout and infection!
    but you must like nupur said!

  2. acne got inflamed maybe due to scrubs and harsh stuff used , hence the scars.
    infection might have spread during facial -so breakout and also usually they use creams which increased oiliness on face maybe… don’t panic.

    For fresh acne breakout/inflamed acne don’t prick or touch them… apply retinol-A cream overnight and leave it they will dry out and hopefully won’t leave more scars …

    For existing acne scars – they shall take time …. consult dermatalogist on safest option.

    For face wash – try himalaya neem foaming face wash or saslic foaming face wash ( has salicylic acid will unclog pores) or cetaphil ( that’s milder version for sensitive skin ) …. as for moisturizer apply clean and clear oil-free moisturizer to prevent further oiliness .

  3. try brevoxyl cream or brevoxyl creamy face wash. use one of them but not both. it helped me a lot and cleared my face in 3 days. loads of moisturisation is a must for this treatment and use cetaphil moisturiser preferably. but if you are planning to use this treatment, you cannot use retinA. so use one of these. 🙂

  4. when i started breakimg out all of a sudden, the dermatologist made me do a PCOS(sonography) test and said it was bcz of hormonal changes. she said its pretty common in the 25-30 yr age group. also she gave me some medicines after which it was better within 7-8 days.

  5. u should go to a dermatologist ASAP.. same happened to me.. I’ve always had clear skin and those sudden break outs freaked me and i went to a derma and now everything is under control *touch wood* 🙂
    no home remedies and no cosmetic creams worked except the doc prescription things 🙂

  6. happened to me last month too….
    Step 1) follow CTM religiously
    Step 2) clean everything that comes in contact with your face with disinfectants. cells, phones, pillow cases, even the chaddar you take on top.

    After spending a month’s MAC allowance on the dermat, it was concluded that my RAJAI was giving me cheek acne 🙁
    hope it helps!

      1. Oh yeah! Please ensure you keep your phone clean. If it’s a touchscreen, you may also consider wiping the surface with Dettol. Also, if you usually sleep on your side, ensure that your pillow case is clean and change it ASAP. Also no harsh cleansing detergents for the pillow case.

  7. Hello ladies..
    Thank you all for your replies..I’d been to the dermatologist today (it seemed to be the safest option), who has prescribed me some gels and medicines. Hope it works. 🙂

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