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Twinkle asks:


I am a fan of your blog and reviews. I have a big problem. I am 17 years old and my hair is falling like hell. I am having severe hair fall. My hair is so thin and dull now and full of dandruff. No shampoo or conditioner is working.
Can you suggest me a good shampoo and conditioner that would work? Waiting for your reply 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Remedy For Severe Hair Fall and Dandruff in Teenage: Ask IMBB

  1. Hey…

    I dont know if you have already tried these….bt il tell u 2 thngs dat have worked for me sure-shot…

    1. Massaging ur scalp with olive oil and leaving it in overnight and washing hair the next morning. (make sure you have enough time to wash hair as olive oil is evry sticky and takes time to get rid of)

    2. A mixture of curd & lemon on to the scalp, left for an hour and then rinsed off….followed by head&shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo….

    These two remedies have helped me a lot to get rid of my dandruff…. hope it helps…. 🙂

  2. I have used Trichup Complete Care Hair Oil and that really helped in reducing hairfall and controlled dandruff.
    For shampoo Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo always works for me.. It keeps dandruff at bay.
    Apart from these you can try Home remedies as suggested by shagufta.. 🙂

  3. i used many different oils and shampoo,none of them worked,and one fine day i tried curd mixed with hibiscus powder,kept for half hour then rinsed with mild shampoo. i did this for once a week and dandruff gone in a month. thought i tend to get dandruff during winters but can tc of it with olive oil.
    i had dandruff because of dry scalp and lemon agravated it.
    no shampoo worked for me.
    tc 🙂

  4. Hey, I would suggest you try this scalp conditioning lotion called Olamine. Its available in the pharmacy. It works wonders on dandruff. Also another method I use when I need to condition my hair is mixing two drops of tea tree oil with almond oil and leave it on overnight. You have the most beautifully conditioned hair, it becomes thick as hell and your dandruff problem disappears too.

  5. Use Indulekha Bringa hair oil .Its very effective . During the first month of usage u will see only slight reduction in hair-fall , but later on u will see that its effective .And you will also see the growth of new hair . ( You have to religiously use this oil )
    For dandruff use Head and Shoulders shampoo .

  6. Hi twinkle,

    The main reason of ur hair fall is dandruff so asap u get rid of it u will take first step towards ur hair fall cure to get rid of Dandruff u can try the above tips given by the helpful ladies and u can find lot more in IMBB search.

    All I want to add is be regular and patient in every step u take as natural things take time to show results so dont expect wonder in one night but be consistent and oil ur hair regularly with the oil best suited to u or u can make it by mixing 2-3 diffnt oils together.

    the more u start taking care of ur hair from now the less u face problems in mature age.

    dont be rash while messaging ur scalp and hair, use gentle movements and don’t tie hair tightly with the towel after wash.

    Apply milk, curd on ur hair and do eat them also. Have a healthy diet for a glowing skin and healthy hair..

    take care 🙂

  7. Visit a dermatologist ASAP (right now if possible). Because dandruff is a skin infection which might cause pimples/acne on your face and back too. He/She would suggest you good shampoos and sometimes may give you some oral antibiotics too.
    Nizral shampoo works best for clearing infections on your scalp, but it can make your hair very dry. Do not give up. Sebamed antidandruff shampoo is good enough too. A combination of both worked wonders for me. Even after your scalp is free of dandruff, do not discontinue these shampoos. Keep use them once a month or once in two weeks along with your regular shampoos.
    Importantly, do not leave oil on your hair/scalp for more than a couple of hours and do not use any hair packs/masks as they might cause infection too.

    1. Eat lots of veggies and fruits as they help your body get rid of any toxins or infections. Use clean combs, pillow covers (change them every couple of days if possible). And most important of all, be stress free.

  8. Hi twinkle, Neha is absolutely correct. Concentrate on dandruff first and you will automatically see reduction in hair fall.

    Well, i have 2 home remedies that really works for both dandruff and hair fall:

    1. Take methi seeds and soak in water (or butter milk) over night, in the morning grind it in a paste with curd and lemon and apply on hair for atleast 45 minutes. (Note: Methi takes time to come out from hair, hence be patient!).

    2. Hisbiscus leaves/petals soak in water and make a paste with curd. Apply and keep for 30-45 mins and wash off.

    Also check your diet for folic acid and vitamin B12. Eat lots and lots of green leafy vegetables and drink water like a fish! 🙂

  9. Also one friend of mine had gone to richfeel for a treatment on hairfall… She was suggested the following diet:

    1 tbspoon of soybeans
    A glass of milk
    1 tb.spoon of Flax seeds
    3-4 Almonds (soaked over night in water)

    Once a week:
    Nething having Bajra
    Chole (the chana’s basically)

    and have atleast 10 glasses of water everyday… 🙂

  10. If possible try visiting a derm first and get your scalp checked, apart from that nizoral works wonder..try using it 2 to 3 times a week, it really does help in reducing dandruff. Also for hairfall the derma wud suggest you some lotion, i highly recommend using cantharidine hair oil (reviewed on imbb), with regular use it will not only help with hairfall but also with overall hair texture and maintenance!

  11. I have dandruff too but if you notice severe hairfall all of a sudden, get your thyroid levels checked. Hypothyroidism causes severe hairfall.

    1. Thanks alot every1 for your helpful cmnts nd suggestions! 🙂
      m greatful to all! 🙂
      nd yes i have consulted a drmtlgst alrdy.. 🙂
      thanks again

  12. i will surely try d remedies suggested..
    and i have consulted d derm already .. its been a year now or more dat i am taking his told treatment but still nothing is working.. 😀
    hope something works now! 🙂

  13. Hi, Twinkle
    Try Radiance H cap, have proper sleep, diet and exercise. See that you are not having acidity problem. It takes toll on hair and skin.

  14. and scalp lotion is too good for dandruff. Use it twice in week and dont oil your hair before using scalp for better results.

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