Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

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I have never told this to anyone earlier, but this is essentially my dream job. I mean, how many people get to work with an awesome team and read about beauty, makeup and fashion throughout the day! And, all this became more special when I got this chance to review Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler. I can’t thank Sanjeev Sir and Rati enough for this opportunity.

Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

I have thick and long hair. Yeah, I am actually very blessed! 😛 And, when it comes to styling them, I either think of straightening or curling them as I detest tying my hair be it in a bun or plait. I just can’t keep my hair tied up. I have a very good Remington Ceramic Straight 230 Hair Straightener that I have been using for two plus years and I am super happy with it. Now, I was looking for an awesome curler or hairstyler and I actually wanted it to be from Remington for I was super impressed with this brand. After a lot of contemplation, I bought this. Read the review and find out if I am still impressed with the brand or not!

Product Description:

Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

The Pearl Pro Styler creates waves full of volume. The professional double barrelled tong is easy to use by simply wrapping your hair around the barrels in a figure of 8 to create beautiful softly defined curls and waves.

• Luxury Pearl Ceramic with real pearl coating for even heat across the barrels whilst styling
• Professional double barrel for soft curls and waves
• Digital LCD display 130ºC to 210ºC
• Fast heat up in 30 seconds
• Auto shut off after 60 minutes
• Temperature key lock to prevent accidental temperature changing
• Cool tips
• Worldwide voltage
• 3 m salon length swivel cord
• Heat proof pouch
• Protection glove

Luxury Pearl Ceramic:

Featuring Luxury Pearl Ceramic coating for even heat across the barrels whilst styling, these amazing professional stylers create beautiful curls and waves.

Pearl Styling Collection:

Get ready to look gorgeous with the best performing, fastest, smoothest, styling collection we have ever created. Our Pearl styling collection gives you all the tools to create the very latest style and must-have hair trends. With professional performance & salon-finish, Pearl is all you need for expert style & outstanding results.


I got it for INR 2800.

Price varies from store to store, but its MRP is INR 5299.

My Experience with Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler:

Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

I bought this particular styler because I wanted the curler to be a bit thicker than what I already have and be clipless. As I mentioned earlier, I have long hair and it becomes a little difficult to give soft curls to hair with usual curling wands. I had read about double barreled tongs and was intrigued to try it.

Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

This tong comes in a cardboard box that keeps it safe. The design on the package is very beautiful with two pearls embossed on it which depicts that the wand is ‘Pearl Ceramic’. This coating provides even heat across the barrel. Overall, the packaging is pretty and graceful with black and off white accents. The tong looks very sophisticated, and not cheap at all. Everything except the barrels is black in color with matte finishing.

Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

The tong has three matte silver buttons and the name of the brand and some pretty cherry blossoms are printed over it. The two buttons are to increase/decrease the temperature and the remaining one is the power button. The tong also has an LED display that shows temperature and it looks super cool. Since this product belongs to the professional range, it has a swivel cord that measures 3 meters!

Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

Based on requirements, one can adjust the temperature from 130ºC to 210ºC. This is an awesome feature because it helps to create different hairstyles and work on different hair textures and thickness too. Its 30 seconds heat up claim is completely true. By the time you switch it on and just take a section of your hair, it already has heated up and is ready for use. So, no more waiting! The tips of this tong remain cool throughout the usage, making it more convenient to use.

Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

It comes with a worldwide voltage system and can be used anywhere. It is quite compact and I don’t think it could break during travels. So, it is quite travel friendly too. The company has also provided a gunmetal colored heat proof pouch with it. And, I love this pouch for I don’t have to wait up for the tong to get cooled down and I can pack it back up right away after use. Of course, the cord cannot fit into the pouch, but who’s complaining! This is not my first hot tool, but is definitely the first one that comes with a glove. Before getting this, I used to think that such gloves are made of the same fabrics as oven gloves. But, to my surprise it’s normal cotton jersey! It does not really protect one’s hands from the heat, especially when one is using higher temperatures.

Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

Now, coming to the styling part. I would like to give a heads up here that this product is not meant for absolute novices. You first need to have some experience with normal curling wands, especially ones with clips to be able to use it properly. Also, it is a bit difficult to use on short hair. I have used many curling wands, so it is easy for me to use. If we go by the company’s instructions, we need to take a section of our hair and create a number eight like pattern onto both the barrels in order to achieve the look. This might look a bit complicated, but is super easy, especially with medium to long hair and delivers fabulous results, i.e., sexy beach waves!

Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

Overall, I am super super impressed with Remington right now, particularly because of this tong. It is super easy to use and once you get hang of it, you can create tight curls, loose curls and waves with it. For tight curls, though, you need to use just one barrel, which is again, difficult if you have short hair. It curls and create waves literally within seconds. It is so easy to control the temperature and even the styles created with as low as 180 degrees last for two days.

Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

Here are some of the styles that I created on my sister and my mother, using various techniques. My sister has thick and medium length hair, whereas, my mother has thick and long hair. Both of their styles lasted for 2+ days, even without the use of any hair product.

Different kind of curls:

Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

Using just one barrel:

Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

Loose waves using number ‘8’ formation, but taking smaller section:

Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

Before and after using number ‘8’ formation, but taking thicker sections:

Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler Review

Pros of Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler:

• It’s from Remington!
• Looks very sophisticated.
• Numerous temperature settings.
• Super long cord.
• Ceramic coating.
• An array of styles can be created.
• Cool tips.
• Heats up super quick.
• LED display for temperature.
• Styles last long, even without hairsprays.
• Heat proof pouch.
• Value for money.
• Perfect for even long hair.
• 5 years guarantee.

Cons of Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler:

• Glove is almost good for nothing.
• Not really suitable for short hair.
• Requires a little practice.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend Remington C19522 Pearl Pro Styler?

Definitely! If you are looking for an efficient hair styler that could help you create various looks, go for it! And, believe me, it’s only looks a little complicated, but is easy and fun to work with.

I hope you enjoyed the review and pictures. 🙂

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