Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019 Review

Who doesn’t love some beautiful curly waves in the hair. I have wavy hair but I like curls a lot, and when I comb through, my waves do disappear. I had picked up Carmen Chopstick Curler to get tight curls. However, the process takes so long and sometimes I get my hands burnt. I have been eyeing auto curlers for a very long time and been researching a bit and recently I picked up one from Remington. Today’s review is all about Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019. Read on to know more.

Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019 Packaging

Price: $101
Product Description:
Curly hair is back! From tight ringlets to beachy waves, it’s time to embrace volume, texture and shape. But why stick to one curl when you can personalize your style? Our Keratin Protect Auto Curler has been specifically designed to help you simply and easily achieve perfect curls at the click of a button, ensuring a personalized, flawless finish every time.

Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019 How to Use

My Experience with Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019:

Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019 in Packaging

The product comes in a sealed box. There is some information on the box. Once you open the box, the auto curler is present in it and it looks amazing. It has a very classy design. Once you open the outer box, there is the autocurler and also a cleaner brush. Along with the curler, there is also instruction leaflet and warranty card.

Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019 Open Box

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The Auto Curler is shiny grey in color. It has hues of black. The cord is long enough to easily move the curler. One of the things I liked about this one over the others is the display screen. You can easily set the time, temperature on it. You can also see the timer going down on the screen. There are 3 buttons near the display screen. One is the power button, one to set temperature and the last one is for the timer.

Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019 Review

You can select if you need inward or outward curls. The bigger button on the top is the one for rotating the hair. The product has to be used on dried and well-combed hair. Since there is heat involved, it is only wise to use a heat protectant spray before using the curler.

Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019 Size

The curler has a 3 timer setting and 7 temperature options from 130-230 °C. The product heats up pretty fast and within 20-30 seconds, the product is ready for use. You can see the temperatures rising up on the display screen. There is also an option called Pro+ and this one uses a temperature of 185°C for healthier styling.

Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019 Handle

Usage of the product is easy. You need to place the hair in between the gap and press the curling button and it automatically stops making sound and the timer sets on immediately. You can hear a beep once the timer is complete. The hair is curled beautifully and perfectly. You can keep the timer for a longer period of time if you need tighter curls.

Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019 Buttons

I have wavy hair but when I comb out my hair loses the waves. The curler helps in setting the curls perfectly. I absolutely love the curl creation. The curls stay longer but have to be set with a fixing spray. The product is claimed to be coated with keratin and almond oil and you see that in the results.

Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019

My hair is pretty dry on the ends and as you can see from the picture, the curler added immense shine and nourishment to the hair. It also reduces the frizz. My hair felt smoother too. I am very pleased with this product. There are only two downsides with the product – one is the cost as it is pretty expensive and the other issue is that sometimes it twists and tangles the hair.

Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019 Before and After

There are chances that the hair can get jammed in the roller and you need to cut that section off. This mainly occurs due to incorrect placement of hair. This can be eliminated with some practice. There is also a cleaner which can be used to clean the curler post usage. Overall, it is a great product and I love it.

So summing up:

Pros of Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019:

⦁ Easy and quick to use.
⦁ Creates perfect curls.
⦁ Digital display.
⦁ 7 temperature settings and 3 timer settings.
⦁ Reduces frizz.
⦁ Adds shine and softness.
⦁ Suitable for different hair lengths.
⦁ Choice for inward or outward curls.
⦁ Chamber cleaning tool included.
⦁ 5-year guarantee.

Cons of Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019:

⦁ Expensive.
⦁ Tangles the hair if not correctly placed.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend or Repurchase Remington Keratin Protect Auto Curler CI8019?

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