Remington Model- S1032 Sleek & Curl Wide Straightener : Review

Remington Model- S1032 Sleek & Curl Wide Straightener : Review

Sleek & Curl Wide:
Straightens & Curl Thanks to distinct rounded plates edges and ridges guiding the hair to create different types of curls .

Remington sleek&curl hair straightener

  • Professional Wide Plates.
  • Ceramic Teflon Tourmaline Coated Plates for triple protection.
  • Even Heat Distribution.
  • Easy Guide – no product build up.
  • Frizz Free Styling.
  • Variable Digital High Heat Control with LCD Display For all Hair Types.
  • Fast 60 Second Heat Up For Instant Styling.
  • Automatic Safety Shut Off After One Hour.
  • Heat Resistant Storage Box and Pouch.
  • Exclusive Curls Secrets DVD included in pack.

Honestly I have all the hair styling and hot tools I need for making one’s hair presentable and vary hair styles. But the one thing that I don’t have is TIME! Being busy with the three facets of my job and personal life, I do miss out on using a lot things I purchase. But since I am finally planning a visit to the MAC store soon, I thought I must take out all my hot tools to do something about my dry and wavy hair and look all polished 😛 .

Remington sleek & curl hair straightener

Honestly, I have been unhappy about my skin and hair all my life and that is how I came to love everything makeup and beauty 😛 But since we have these tools available to us, we must weigh the pros and cons and use it to our best! So lets see some of the features of this iron!

Remington sleek & curl hair straightener2

The iron has a lock which makes it easy to travel with,the iron itself is very heavy. Secondly like you can see it has a digital display and there are 6-8 points as in two each at 200 degrees, 180 degrees and the least is 160 which makes it ideal for thin hairs, very wavy hair, and since the iron is heavy and it heats upto 200 degrees it is great for curly hair as well.

Remington sleek & curl hair straightener4

The iron has a long cord, which I find great for when I am in a hurry.The iron was supplied in a very cute black velvet box which my husband said resembles some armory case or something. It also came with a DVD which has a famous hair stylist demonstrating tips and techniques including the usage of rolled foil paper to curl the hair in between the iron, more on that some other day.The plates have a Teflon coating which make it non sticky and makes hair shine apparently but I could see none of it on my dry brittle hair.The plates need to be cleaned so that the deposits of all you hair mousse and sprays gets cleaned in time.Also, I

Remington sleek & curl hair straightener5

The ridges on the outside make it a curling iron as well.But I can see that happening only for very long hair as it is of no use for medium hair when we wrap the hair around such a wide iron, I would hardly get a single wave :/ This can be done for my hair with a slim flat iron.Also, I quite like the auto shut off feature of the iron as well in cases when I get ready and run out of the house by chance leaving it on!:/

Remington sleek & curl hair straightener7

Coming to the main points, the iron has a digital display that takes up to 60- secs to heat and then the blinking light is stable and the iron is ready to use.The buttons are so fickle that the iron turns off even when I by chance happen to touch the touch sensitive buttons, this I noticed in the DVD as well with the hair dresser operating the iron.

Secondly it does a great job as straightening but it makes my hair look brittle an dry instead of shiny, believe me I use tons of heat defense sprays and serums to get the most out of my iron but still no luck with dry hair, I think it is a great iron for very thick hair and coarse hair since it is so wide and heavy.Please don’t smirk at my so called straight hair because this is straight enough for my dry and wavy hair, the results will be better for thinner and better quality hair.

I stay in a hot and humid place and hence the style lasts till my hair get greasy and need shampooing which is around two or lesser days. This will be better in case you don’t use serums and don’t stay in a humid place.

hair straightening

Last word:

All I will say is that the case, the DVD and the iron are all great, the job done is great and will be better on normal hair rather than what you see on my dry hair.Do not expect shiny straight hair if you have dry hair, but the performance will be better on normal styling-friendly hair. Don’t count on the curling aspect of this iron much.I own this flat iron too but the comparison for some other day 🙂

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