Remington Pro Ionic Ultra Hair Dryer D5020 Review

Remington Pro Ionic Ultra Hair Dryer D5020

By Swati Saini

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to review a hair dryer from Remington. I hope you all find this helpful. I have medium length fine hair which I leave open most of the time. I had a previous hair dryer from Philips, which I started using almost daily or every other day to straighten my hair which started to show damage on my hair. My hair became brittle, more dry and frizzy, despite using heat protectant. I figured this is because of my hair dryer which was low voltage and wasn’t meant to use so frequently.


I talked to my salon guy and he advised me if I need to use blow dryer so frequently, I should get one with high voltage and multiple heat settings and preferably with a cool shot button. So I went through a lot of articles and finally decided on this one. It has all the features I desired and more.

Let me get to the product itself now.

Product claims and description:

Remington pro ionic ultra hair dryer

From Remington site:

Serious about style? Always experimenting with the latest looks and trends for drop dead gorgeous hair? Want your hairdryer to look as good as you? Then you’ll want the new Pro Ionic Ultra – the super-sleek, super sexy 2-in-1 black & chrome dryer that comes complete with a choice of concentrator nozzle or volumising diffuser.
• Model no : D5020
• 90% more ions for frizz free shine.
• 2200 Watt
• Ceramic touramaline grill
• 3 years guarantee
• Ion indicator light
• 3 heat and 2 speed settings
• Turbo and cool button


Price: 3249 INR

My experience with Remington Pro Ionic Ultra Hair Dryer D5020

This hair dryer comes in a box as shown in pictures, all attachments and dryer itself wrapped in separate cellophane bag inside the box. Body is black and silver in color which looks beautiful. The thing which makes it special and safe to use frequently is the “ceramic touramaline grill” which produces even heat during the whole drying process and prevents your hair from getting fried. Apparently, it produces negative ions which coats hair and produces shine and reduces frizz. This ceramic and touramaline coating is also popular in all the flat irons. And it is 2200 watt. My salon guy advised me to use something with at least 2000 watt. So it’s good in that aspect too.



It uses pro ionic technology for drying hair that is transforming water droplets in damp hair into numerous small water droplets which ensures quick drying leading to less frizz.


1. Diffuser: can be used to create volume in straight fine hair and creating waves and curls.
2. Concentrator: Can be used during straightening of hair to focus air on hair strands.
3. Removable lid on back for cleaning.

Heat and air settings and buttons:

There are 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings which can be controlled with buttons. And also there is a turbo button for quick drying and a cool shot button for final touch and to set your style.It is recommended to use concentrator and diffuser on the lowest speed and heat settings.



I use this hair dryer with diffuser on wet hair to quick dry and to create volume and when my hair is almost dry, I use it with concentrator to straighten my hair. There is a noticeable difference in hair after blow drying from the first time use. My hair is less frizzy and I have more volume and there is a visible shine in my hair after using this. I am comparing these effects from my last hair dryer which didn’t have this pro ionic technology and just one speed and heat settings.There are 3 things which can be considered as cons of this product. First is, It takes longer time to dry my hair with this, may be because of the even heat distribution, and also, even the highest speed setting is not so fast.


Second is, its heavy. So I recommend sitting on chair while blow drying and resting your arm in between. Also, this dryer should not be used as your first hair dryer because being large in size and heavy; it will be difficult to handle for beginners. I used to use Philips one before this and that was compact in size and way easier to use. But with practice, you can learn anything, right?

Third thing, which you can notice in pictures, is that it has UK based plug which doesn’t work in India. And it is not dual voltage. So you will have to buy a travel adapter kind of thing to make it work in India. This is not a con but I didn’t know about it, so I couldn’t use it for a few days until I bought the travel adapter. With travel adapter, it can work in India as well as in USA( I have tried)


Pros of Remington Pro Ionic Ultra Hair Dryer D5020

1. Pro ionic technology which reduces frizz.
2. 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings
3. Cool shot and turbo button
4. Ceramic and touramaline grill for even heat distribution.
5. Concentrator and diffuser for different hair styles
6. Removable back cover for easy cleaning.


Cons of Remington Pro Ionic Ultra Hair Dryer D5020

1. Heavy and difficult to hold for long time.
2. Large in size( Not foldable, difficult to travel with)
3. UK plug in, no dual voltage( again not ideal to travel with)
4. Expensive if you are on a budget

IMBB rating:


Would I recommend you to purchase Remington Pro Ionic Ultra Hair Dryer D5020?

Yes if you are a pro in blow drying hair and use it very frequently. Not for beginners and frequent travellers.

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