Remington S8670 Multistyle Interchangable Styler Review, Demo

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Hope everyone is in pink of their health and doing well. Today, I am going to review this gorgeous Multistyle Interchangeable styler from Remington with model number S8670. I had bought this styler last year for my daughter after she had secured nice marks in her 10th board exams. When she first told me that she wanted a hair styler, I thought I will buy her one from Philips and get away easily. Soon, I realized how wrong I was and that she already had other plans going on in her mind. Read on to know how this styler fared for us.
Remington S8670 Multistyle Interchangable Styler

Remington S8670 Multistyle Interchangable Styler 2
Product description:

Now you can change your look to suit your style and mood. The options are endless – straighten, crimp, curl, wave and volumise with this super-star styling tool. And it’s incredibly easy to use too with its professional standard attachments that easily click on and off so you can create must-have salon looks at home.


• Digital variable high heat settings with LED lights for all hair types.
• Ceramic, tourmaline ionic, smooth glide coated barrel plus crimper & straightener plates for triple protection.
• Easy glide – no product build up. Easy glide – no product build up, even heat distribution and frizz free styling.
• Fast 60 seconds heat up for instant styling.
• Interchangeable crimper & straightener.
• 19 mm slim tong
• Brush sleeve
• Spiral sleeve
• 4 sectioning clips
• Stylish storage bag
• Swivel cord
remington S8670 multi styler31
Guarantee: 3 years

Price: INR 7195 but, I got it for around 6k.

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My experience with Remington S8670 Multistyle Interchangable Styler :

Packaging: The equipment reached me in a perfect condition (I had ordered it online). Equipments came in a black fiber box that has a zip to open it up.

The equipments were arranged very nicely in the box when I first opened it up and were wrapped in plastic wrappers. It has Remington written on to it in the lower right corner. Overall, I liked the storage bag that came with it and because of it this product is quite travel-friendly.
remington S8670 multi styler30
Equipments: The equipments that I got with this styler are :

1. Sectioning clips– I got 4 clips with this styler that are about 2 inches long, of superior quality and shiny black in color.
remington S8670 multi styler28
2. Interchangeable crimper/straightener and a curling iron attachment – I loved the way curling iron looks stylish and classy. It is shiny black too and has a cool tip at the top to prevent burns.
remington S8670 multi styler29

remington S8670 multi styler36
However, I wished the straightner/crimper was more stylish and a bit slim. It is matte black in color. The straightener and the curling iron are ceramic and tourmaline coated which makes hair look smooth, shiny, prevents damage, split ends and frizz.

3. Styler’s cord and the main body: Now, the cord is quite impressive and swivel style. It is quite long and hassle free. The body of the styler has 5 heat settings which is commendable since most of the stylers usually have 3 heat settings.


remington S8670 multi styler33

remington S8670 multi styler32
However, I wish it gave us the freedom to set the degrees instead. The user can easily change the heat setting with the help of the buttons. LED lights indicate the heat setting selected. My daughter has wavy and frizzy hair, I always use it on second heat setting to tame her hair and it works just fine. Whereas, I have fine and thin hair it works on first setting for me.

The cord and main body is also of black color. The main body has a locking ring which enables the user to put and remove attachments very easily.

4. Spiral sleeve and brush sleeve: These are the added tools to modify curls. The user can easily create angel curls or loose curls with these attachments. They are also of superior quality and have a matte black finish. They are to be fixed on the curling iron.

remington S8670 multi styler22

Results: Hold your breath ladies and girls, because this is the most amazing part of this styler. I mostly use this styler for ironing and it makes hair look shiny, healthy and frizz free. Also, the pressing stays intact for 2 days. On the third day, hair are not poker straight but still smooth and manageable. I will be honest; the results are not salon-like but still best of what we can get at home.
Below is the picture of my daughter’s hair. Please note the waves that have formed in her hairs due to the rubber bands.

remington S8670 multi styler24

remington S8670 multi styler37

Now, here I just divided her hairs into 8 big sections and semi-ironed her hairs in 10 minutes just for the picture’s sake. Still, in 10 minutes only it made her hair frizz free, shiny and the waves that were visible earlier have completely vanished. I have got far better results using this iron when I was not in a hurry.
remington S8670 multi styler26
I have also curled a small section of her hairs to show you guys how it works. Please note that I have done these curls a bit loosely. You can create much tighter or looser curls too, whatever style suits your preference and needs.

The curls however, do not stay for 3 days. They stay intact for a day and are somewhat lost on the second day.
remington S8670 multi styler25
I have been using this styler for over 1 year now and so far, I have not seen any damage in my or my daughter’s hair.

remington S8670 multi styler38

Now summing up the pros and cons of Remington S8670 Multistyle Interchangable Styler :

Pros of Remington S8670 Multistyle Interchangable Styler :

  •  Travel-friendly.
  •  Equipments are of high quality and will last for years to come.
  • Comes with 3 years guarantee.
  • Provides the best finish that can be achieved at home.
  • Pressing stays intact for 2 days. Hairs are still manageable, smooth and frizz free on the third day but, not poker straight.
  • Curls last for about 1- 1.5 days.
  • Has ceramic and tourmaline coating.
  •  If you have to invest in just one hair product that does everything -Your search ends here.
  • Remington is a trusted brand.
  •  Has 5 heat settings.
  •  Quite a long chord that is swivel style.
  • Has LED lighting.

Cons of Remington S8670 Multistyle Interchangable Styler :

  • College going girls might find it expensive.
  •  I wished it gave me the freedom to set degrees.

That’s it. I can’t think of any other con for this amazing product.

IMBB rating- 4.9/5

Will I repurchase this/do I recommend Remington S8670 Multistyle Interchangable Styler ?

I will not repurchase this as, this will last me for ages to come. Yes, I do recommend this to everyone out there who struggle with their hairs and wish to style them at the convenience of their home.

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