Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener Review

The ‘Pearl Styling Collection’ is one of the most popular ranges by Remington. Rati has reviewed a curling wand from this range, whereas I have already reviewed a pro styler. And, guess what? We both have loved the range so far. So, does this S9500 Pearl Straightener take the legacy forward or does it fail to impress…let me tell you all!

Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener Review7

MRP 8795, but you can always find it at a discount online

Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener Review9

Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener Review10

Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener Review6

My Experience with Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener:

The outer packaging is just so good since it has all the information you would ever want about the product. I love it when brands do this! There is nothing fancy about the cardboard box, but it look promising. To my surprise, the iron came with a heat proof pouch that can serve the purpose of a mat as well. It makes it really easy to use and I don’t have to worry about burning anything, or finding a special place to keep the iron until it gets cooled down post usage.

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Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener Review1

The iron itself is superb in built. They have made it sturdy but have not compromised one bit with the looks of the iron. It looks classy and well, expensive (which it is!). It has a really long cord (3 meter long) which makes it even better and more useful. So, if you are using it at home and your mirror is away from the power board, you can easily straighten your hair.

Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener Review2

Another plus is its hinge lock that keeps it safe and makes it easy to store. The LED display works great and shows temperature the iron is at. One can adjust this temperature using these cute little keys. 😀 Overall, the packaging and the built of this iron are really impressive.

Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener Review4

Now, coming to the plates! The brand claims that the plate is coated with real pearls, and this coating makes the whole straightening experience more easy, hair remains straight and smooth for longer. So far, this is the best plate I have seen and used in a straightener. I have thick hair that tends to get frizzy and dry easily and this iron straightens my hair with just one go. It is really easy to glide this iron through my hair. I have used many straighteners from Philips and even Remington, and they would pull my hair a bit, but with this one I have no such complaints. So, I give thumbs up to its advanced ceramic pearl coating too.

Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener Review3

It gets ready within ten seconds flat and gives me ample space to control the temperature. My hair is quite thick and even at 190 degrees, it takes only one swipe to straighten a section of hair. The brand claims that it glides 8 times smoother. I do not know how to measure 8 times, but yes it does glide very smoothly without tugging, pulling or hurting my hair. I have used this iron so much in the past few weeks and still my hair does not feel dry or damaged. But then, I do take proper care of my hair and will advise you to do so too if you use heated tools on your hair a lot.

Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener Review5

I own many hair styling tools since I used to have waist length hair until a few months back. I had got really bored with all of them, especially with my hair straightener since despite being of very good quality, it would keep my hair straightened just for one day max. Plus, whenever I use that iron and wash my hair, it leaves my hair unruly and extremely dry. So, that’s how I thought upgrading my tools and from ceramic coating, I moved on to this iron that boasts of having ‘Advanced Ceramic Ultimate’ coating. And to be honest, I am really happy with the results, because:

a) It keeps my hair straight for up to 3 days (cannot live without a hair wash for more than three days),
b) It keeps my hair frizz free the entire time,
c) Makes hair look very shiny and more healthy each time and
d) My hair does not look or feel dry after I wash them.

Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener Review12

I have no complaints with this iron at all. It is one of my most prized possessions now. Also because IMBB sponsored it! 😛 This is an ultimate combo of good looks and impeccable performance. It makes the straightening process easy and quick and also takes good care of hair.

Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener Review8

My guinea pig’s (my sister) hair 😛


Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener Review


Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener Review11

Pros of Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener:

• It’s a beauty!
• Glides super smoothly
• The user has the control over temperature settings
• Pearl plates reduce heat damage, though you must show your hair some TLC from time to time
• Works superbly for thick as well as thin hair
• Heat resistant pouch cum mat
• Super long cord makes it more user friendly
• Does not make hair dry
• Makes hair look shiny and healthy
• 10 seconds heat up
• Hair remain straightened for days
• So worth the money!

Cons of Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener:

• Literally, none!

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Remington S9500 Pearl Straightener?
Remington has never failed to impress me, ever! If your budget allows, go for it since it is one of the best flat irons available in the market. I am sure it won’t disappoint you. 🙂

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