Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit WPG4035 Review

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Keeping ourselves clean down there is one of the hygienic practices that have to be followed. As the bikini season is closing by, I decided to give razors a miss and pick up a good trimmer. I am a chicken when it comes to waxing and electric shavers were one of the best options. I picked this one up. Read on to know more about Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit.

Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit WPG4035 Packaging

Price: $41.50
Product Description:
Designed for delicate body and bikini areas, this precise trimmer boasts three versatile attachments to ensure you can tailor your trim to your own preference. The intelligent, anti-slip grip and hang hook means it’s the ideal product to use in the shower, but for any last minute hair removal emergencies the Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit works just as effectively on dry skin.
Instant results and quick to use, this trimmer is the easiest way to remove unwanted hair, leaving you bikini-body beautiful and ready to bare all.

Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit WPG4035 Back

Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit WPG4035 Claims

My Experience with Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit WPG4035:

The product comes in a box with all the accessories. There is a lot of information on the box. From the outside, you can see the trimmer and the brush. Once you open the box, you can see all the accessories in the box. Along with the trimmer body, you get a trimmer head, a pink head for trimming length, an exfoliating brush, a head for a smooth shave, a plastic pouch, a small brush, and a charger.

Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit WPG4035 Review

The body is white in colour and is made of plastic. It is easy to hold and the design is very ergonomic. There is the name of the company on the handle. There is also a hook on the end and this helps to hang the product easily. On the bottom, there is the charging point and light. The light switches on when you are charging. There is a pink slide switch for switching on and off. There is no way to increase the speed. The speed itself is moderate and does the job effectively. You can easily replace the heads.

Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit WPG4035 Parts

The trimmer head moves very fast and this helps in trimming the hair 2-5mm. You can increase or decrease the length using the pink protection head. Using the head along is not very good and using the safety cap makes the trim very safe. There are no cuts or bruises while using the trimmer and you can be ensured of a clean, safe shave.

Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit WPG4035 Tools

The foil head shaver helps in trimming hair less than 1 mm long. It is like a shaver and helps achieve a fine finish. It doesn’t remove the hair from the roots so there remains tiny stubble hair. If you have fine hair, it is barely noticeable. You can remove the foil part and clean the hairs. This head is the most complicated part of the shaver. It doesn’t create a smooth movement and with one glide you cannot expect to have a smooth finish. Most of the times, the hair does remain the way it is. It is a bit tiresome to use this head.

Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit WPG4035 Inner Packaging

The exfoliation brush has very soft bristles and it helps in exfoliating the area to make sure that there are lesser ingrown hairs. I really like the idea of having an exfoliation brush as the pubic area is very sensitive and you don’t want to have any ingrown hair. The brush provided is ok but the hair sticks onto the bristles and I do not use this but wash the head often.

Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit WPG4035 Body

The trimmer can be used wet and dry too and this is a plus as you can easily use them in the shower too. One of the main drawbacks of using the product is you need to charge for the whole night to use it for around 30-45 minutes and this is a big drawback. The battery doesn’t last a long time and I had to recharge for long hours even for the first time use. I personally like the product for its exfoliation and safe trimming properties. It is a good product and I am happy with the results it provides.

Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit WPG4035 Pouch

So, summing up:

Pros of Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit WPG4035:

• Good design and ergonomic grip.
• Easy to carry.
• Contains 3 different trimming adjustments.
• Smooth exfoliation brush.
• Can be used both wet and dry.
• No cuts and ensures a safe shave.
• Painless.

Cons of Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit WPG4035:

• Takes a long time to charge.
• The smooth shave brush is a hassle to use.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit WPG4035?
Worth a try!

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