How to Remove Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails or artificial nails are the ultimate fashion accessories these days. They are available in different textures, designs and colours which make them a perfect partner for different outfits and occasions.


Using these nails for shorter period of time does not cause any problem. However, if used for a much longer period these nails may lead to fungal infection or bacterial infections.

Things needed to remove acrylic nails:

Nail polish remover, olive oil or heavy hand cream, petroleum jelly, nail clipper, orange-wood stick, nail buffer, nail filer.

Tips to remove acrylic nails:

• Take your nail clippers and cut your artificial nails as short as possible. This will make the removal of nails easier for you.
• Now, take your nail file and file off any gel or topcoat on your acrylic nails.
• Apply a fine coat of petroleum jelly over the skin surrounding your nails. This will help prevent the skin from drying out while you soak your fingers in the nail polish remover.


• Pour the acetone nail polish remover into the bowl. Though non acetone based nail polish removers do not contain as harsh chemicals as the acetone ones yet, acetone is preferred for acrylic nails because it does a better job of removing them.
• Dip your fingers into the bowl and soak them for 15-20 minutes. The acetone within the nail polish remover will weaken the glue that has fixed the acrylic nails on your natural ones.
• Now, test one acrylic nail to see if it comes off easily. If you are unable to remove it then do not try to pull it, instead soak your fingers for few more minutes in the nail polish remover.
• After re-soaking you should be able to remove any stubborn artificial nails and will now be left with only your natural nails.

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• If you see some glue residue on your nail then using a clean orangewood stick, gently scrape the acrylic right off. It should come off easily, but if you find some stubborn residue, gently buff it off with your nail buffer.
• Once you have removed all the acrylic nails, clean your hands thoroughly with water. This step is necessary to get rid of the left over nail polish remover and also the petroleum jelly from your nails.
• After removing acrylic nails from your hands, they lust for some aftercare steps. You can notice a rough nail bed caused due to the application of glue. Apply a heavy hand cream and massage your nails with it. Olive oil can also be used for this purpose. Also, try to avoid using a nail polish for at least 3-4 days.

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