How to Remove Artificial Nails

remove artificial nailsAfter the fixation of artificial nails, removing these nails seems to be a very heavy task to most of the ladies, and most of them remove them in a not so right way which harms the original nail plate.

In this article, I shall give in the apt ways of removing the various kinds of dupe nails. Precautions and safety are however very necessary for both fixing of the nails and removing them.

Basic essentials for removing dupe nails:

• Find the most cozy and comfortable corner of your house for doing this.
• Have all you need for removing the nails, handy.
• Get rid of the nail paint on the nails.
• File, buff and clip the nails.
• Moisturizing them.

file nailsRemoving acrylic nails:

• Clip your nails as smaller as you can. Have minimal acrylic left behind.
• File off the remnant acrylic.
• Now, dab cotton in acetone and tape them on your nails, you can use cello tape for this too.
• You could also have a bowl full of remover and soak the acrylic nails in it, let the nails soak and the glue dissolve.
• Before this apply moisturizer around your nails and fingers.
• After 30 minutes peel them off.
• If you find any remnant acrylic on your nails, please soak your fingers ones again.
• Moisturize your nails after this.

Removal of press on nails:

• Try your nails, and file them to remove the layer of polish on them which can make the removal tacky.
• You can use a glue remover tool for removing these nails.
• You can snap at the smile to detach the dupe nail from the natural one. Do not pull or push hard. Both the nails will come in your hands. 😛
• Soak hands in warm water, or soapy water for that matter. 🙂 The glue will loosen and the nails can be easily removed. (I do this)
• If there is some glue left, scrape it off whilst soaking the nails.

buff nailsRemoving Gel Nails and wrap nails:

• Firstly choose a ventilated place for removing your gel nails. Sit in your balcony or garden for doing this.
• The gel nails and nail paint remover will give in a strong and pungent smell.
• Get rid of the nail paint first, I know it’s obvious but it is very essential.
• Now have a bowl and pour some nail paint remover in it. You can mix acetone to this.
• Now soak your nail tips in it, be careful only the nail tips and not the whole hand.
• Leave them in for like, 5 minutes at the most.
• Now with an orange stick try to pry off the nails.
• You have to moisturize your hands heavily post removing the dupes.

Removing the solar nails:

• Take a cotton ball and dab it in acetone nail polish remover and get the nail paint off. (This is kinda mandatory step for removing all the fake nail types.)
• Use an 80 grit nail file to file your solar nails, and get them to the shortest length possible.
• Do not file the natural nail too. Ouch!
• Soak your nails in glass bowl with acetone, do not use plastic bowls. It will dissolve along with your nails. 😛
• Get your regular petroleum jelly and apply it on and around your nails. Before soaking them.
• When you get your tips out, you will notice that the first layer of gel has softened. Scrape it off.
• Soak your nails again in the bowl, for the remnant layers to soften.
• Scrape them off too.
• Continue soaking till all the layers are off and you discover your natural nail layer.
• Now wash your hands and get rid of the excessive acetone and petroleum jelly.
• Buff your nail snow and moisturize.

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