How To Remove Lipstick Stains

remove lipstick stains
If you regularly wear makeup, it is important to know how to remove lipstick stains. Though you may think that this is just another mark, but lipstick being an oil-based product, proves to be more of a challenge. What you need is a grease-fighting cleaning formula to get rid of these stains.

Basic tips while cleaning lipstick stains

• Try to remove the stain as soon as possible. Don’t wait, or it will set in.
• The first thing you should do is to scrape off as much excess lipstick from the surface as possible. You may use a paper knife for this purpose. Be careful not to smudge it more.
• Before chucking it into the washing machine, put some prewash stain remover on the mark and let it work for a few minutes.
• While cleaning, don’t rub, as this will make the colour settle in deeper into the fabric.
• Always dab, scrape or clean from the outside edges of the stain with inward strokes. If you go out of the stain’s edges, you will only end up dirtying more of the cloth.
• Air-dry the fabric naturally, heat drying will cause the stain to become more grounded.

Cleaning Methods

1. Alcohol: Use a soft white cloth dipped in a little alcohol and dab gently at the stain.
2. Dishwashing detergents: (such as Vim Liquid) have decent anti-grease properties. Dab a dollop of dishwashing liquid on the mark and allow it to sit for ten minutes before rinsing off.
3. Ammonia: Keep the stain under running water to remove excess layers. After this, wet a piece of cotton wool in ammonia solution and dab. Wash again in warm bucketful of water with a soapy detergent.
4. Hairspray or aftershave lotion can be sprayed on the stain and allowed to sit for 20 minutes. Wipe with a cloth dipped in hot water. Wash with detergent.
5. Shaving cream: Smear a little on the stain and wait for ten minutes. The dried out lipstick will dissolve in the shaving cream. Very carefully wipe away the cream with a piece of cotton. Be careful not to smudge the cream over the clean areas of the cloth. Wash it now with club soda.
6. Dry Cleaning Solvent: You can use a white cloth dipped in dry cleaning solvent to blot out the stain.
7. Stain removal solutions: many are available in the market and most of them do a pretty good job if you follow the labeled instructions carefully.
8. Make a mixture of two cups of warm water, one tablespoon of white vinegar and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid to use as a final rinse.
9. If nothing else is working or if the fabric is delicate and expensive, the best bet would be to hand it over to the dry cleaner.
Before trying out any of these cleaning instructions, you must not forget to check the care label on the fabric to see if it needs special care while washing and cleaning.

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