How to Remove Stains from Clothes

When was the last time when you wanted to remove that ugly and horrible stain shining brightly on your favourite piece of clothing?

stains on clothes

Well I had the bad luck of meeting Mr. Stain just last night, when he like always made a sudden appearance on my favourite white shirt.

So today when I woke up I decided to write something in the loving memory of all those shirts, jeans, sarees, t-shirts, shorts etc whose lives were cut short by the devil Mr. Stain.

How to remove fresh stains:

1) First and the foremost step is to blot up the excess liquid with white paper, cloth or towel. In case of solids or paste gently scrap it away with a knife or any other sharp object.
2) Never rub bar soap on fresh stains as it may set it.
3) Avoid excess rubbing as it may damage the fabrics colour, fiber and finish.
4) Avoid using hot water as it may further set the stain. Use warm or cold water only.
5) Stained cloth should not be ironed (until the stain has gone completely) as the heat would set the stain.
6) Always use the mildest stain remover first on the fabric and then go in for the stronger one.
7) Never ever forget to do a spot test on the garment after all you do not want to complicate the problem further.

stains on clothes

Tips to remove stains from cotton fabric

As summers are already here and everyone would love to wear cotton so I decided to first compile few stain removal tips for cotton fabric:

1) To remove coffee or tea stains from the fabric sponge the stain with water as soon as possible and then apply salt over it. Once the stain has dried soak the fabric in cold water for atleast 30 minutes and then wash it as usual.
2) In case of sweat stains rub table salt over it and then let it dry out in the sun. Wash as usual.
3) Ink stains can be removed by applying hairspray or alcohol on it.
4) To remove oil stain rub cornstarch or talcum powder over the stain and let it sit for 20 minutes then brush it off with a soft cloth or brush.
5) Dilute the dishwashing liquid with water and dab the makeup of lipstick stains with this solution.
6) To remove chewing gum from clothes apply ice over it and then scrape it off from the garment.
7) Tea and coffee stains can also be removed by applying glycerine over it.
8) To remove curry stains mix the equal amounts of water and glycerine together and then apply it on the stain from the reverse side. Wash as usual.
9) Apply alcohol with a soft cotton cloth over the grass stains and then wash as usual.
10) To remove wine or fruit stains rub the fresh stains with a mixture of salt and lemon juice.
11) To remove tannin stains wash the garment in hot water but do not use bar soaps as they can make the stains permanent.
12) Rust stains can be removed by applying salt and lemon juice on it. Sprinkle salt and squeeze lemon juice on it. Allow it to dry in the sun and then wash it as usual.

stains on clothes

Next time whenever I’ll have a stain on my garment I would definitely like to try these tricks before giving up all hopes to wear them again. Would you do the same as well?

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