How to Remove Tattoo at Home

How to Remove a Tattoo

So you want to remove a tattoo. What happened? The lover whose name you got tattooed, in a gust of sudden elation, dumped you? The cute little butterfly seems to have flitted onto the shoulder of every little teenybopper who’s recently discovered tattoos? Or have you sincerely had a change of heart and are now hoping for a change of ink as a side order?

The truth is, there’s no easy way of removing the tattoo. It’s going to hurt you and it’s going to cost you. Well it won’t cost you as much if you decide on one of the many home remedies out there, which include, ‘Salabrasion’ and ‘Dermabrasion’… but it’s gonna’ cost you more in pain than it’s worth saving your money.

Best Method of Tattoo Removal?

butterfly tatto on the nape
butterfly tatto on the nape

Salabrasion involves salt and water being rubbed onto your tattoo until the area bleeds and a scar is formed. A similar method is Dermabrasion where the tattoo is frozen and then sanded off till the tattoo comes away with the skin. Both these methods require multiple treatments of excruciating pain, so you’d want to consider the spending money bit I spoke of earlier.

Laser removal is still considered the safest form of tattoo removal and causes much less damage to the skin. Oh and did I mention less painful? But at a cost. It’s still the most expensive way to get rid of a tattoo and doesn’t promise 100% results. In this method, the lasers shoot bursts of light into the inked area allowing the ink to break up. With each treatment though, the damage to the skin increases.

tatto on the hand
tatto on the hand

There is a method that’s said to be less expensive, less painful and cause less scarring. I know I should have gotten to this method right at the start and spared you the pain, but hey, you’re the one who got tattooed on an impulse! In this method they push a cream called Rejuvi into the skin, using an injection, so that it bonds with the tattoo and reveals the ink to the body, whose instant reaction is to reject the cream and the ink, sending them both back to the surface of the skin.  And although I have said it’s less expensive, mind you, it’s still not cheap and could take anywhere from 6 months to a few years depending on the size and age of the tattoo.

The most unobtrusive method is still the tattoo removal cream, which lightens the tattoo over a period of time if applied regularly. But if you really want my opinion, you should opt for a cover up job. Cover up the old tattoo with something that’s more relevant. For this all you need is a really good tattoo artist and you could get some really beautiful art as opposed to the remnants of a giant scab or a tattoo removal gone wrong.


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  1. i want a tattoo on my arm :-)) ..nt these big scary ones but a small cute one 😛 .. then i’ll think of removing it(mayb) ?:-) :giggle: :silly: …

    1. hehe yeah have a tiny one and remove it!:P i’m very commitment phobic! i can never get myself inked! :P:P:P i might not want the tatoo 2 days after having it only! hehe

      1. if thts the case then dont waste ur money 😛 😛 .. i saw a Tattoo shop in Inorbit Mall here.. bt till the time i cud make up my mind of having a tattoo, the shop got closed.. :rotfl:

          1. NHIIIII 😮 … i wanted it bt time wasted in getting my hubby convinced for it.. he doesnt like any kind of body art bt nw when the shop is closed down, he says “its ok.. get it done”.. :-X :sarcasm:

      1. Hey HD,

        You scared of the pain that comes with putting on tattoo? Or you scared that it is gonna be permanent lest you decide to inflict another dose of pain to get it removed? ?:-) ?:-)

  2. Oh! actually I also want to get a tatoo but I really can’t go through all that needle stuff and all …. 😮 😮

    Isliye mehndi is the best or else me must hire cali to give us temporary tatoos. 😀

        1. wow deb, u seem 2 b really strong. My friend got a tatoo, she was bleeding profusely :pain: :pain: , had swelling & fell ill the next day :sick: this scared the hell out of me!

      1. i think this is the first post that got ppl excited on doing the opposite of what it says 😛

        its about on removing the tattoo but you gals all getting excited on getting inked instead :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

        1. yeah.. very true Deb… every1 planning to do just the opposite.. :rotfl: vaise already i wanted to hav a tattoo n then when u said tht it doesnt pain much also,then to all the more reason now to get it.. :-)) 😀

  3. Oh wow.. so many people talking abt Tattoo.. Im excited. Well I have a cool tattoo on my arm. 😎 Have no ideas of removing it. Im actually planning for a refill since it looks a little faded. Got it done before 3 years.. Planning to do it anytime next month.. I just love my Tattoo.. :heart:

  4. I want a tattoo but I am mortally afraid of needles!!! :pain: :pain: :pain:

    And Deb… WOW!!!
    Er.. Did it hurt a lot??? Such a long sentence!!

    1. naaa M…it barely took 15 mins to get done :-)) I tattooed it because from cleaning houses in UK to go through college i got a scholarship for my Masters in Cambrigde, i got my hubby’s family to love and accept me for being what i am…i have a lot of things to be glad for and i just thought at that time it was the best way of showing it 🙂

      Planning on getting a 2nd 😛

    1. you really are enjoying this!! aren’t you??:P:P
      ahem bdw did Rati tell you??? :D:D i really want you to come and see too!!:D:D

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