Rescue your Locks

Hello Ladies, how have you been? I am totally having a gala time writing these articles for you guys. My hair has been misbehaving lately and with so much information on IMBB I am making sure I do something for them. But is that enough, to keep curing the damage that has been done? My aim is to get to the root of it. Do you notice some days when your hair suddenly becomes rough and coarse whereas all this while you were just loving them. We color, curl, straighten our manes proving our love for them but all along we totally miss out on something we should be doing for them. Let us correct ourselves before doing the damage. Prevention is better than cure they say.

Rescue your Locks

All this time we have heard about what makes our hair healthy, shiny, and lustrous and what not! Today I have decided to focus on what not to do. Here are some pointers to guide you through it:

1. Do not over brush your hair: While we love hair brushed to perfection, it isn’t a good idea. Brushing excessively can make your hair weak, instead detangle them lightly with your fingers. Using your brush once in the morning is fine and style them with fingers afterwards. This gives you amazing texture and you will love the chic look.

2. Constant color: Are you the one who gets the color out even when a tiny winy grey hair shows up? Stop it right away. Colors contain chemicals no matter how herbal it claims to be which are not good for your hair, restrict it for some time until you cannot do without it. Try changing the parting of your hair to keep greys from showing up.

Rescue your Locks

3. Styling gels/serums: Try looking for the herbal category in these products or use oils that act as serums and in turn increase the growth. Chemicals found in these products harm your hair minimally and you only realize this over a period of time.

4. Old and unclean styling tools: Using that brush or straightener for a long time without cleaning them? Well that’s a NO. Your tools need to be cleaned thoroughly to avoid damage. The germs and dirt that builds on them is going straight to your hair.

5. Hair ties: We cause a lot of damage when we use harsh accessories on our hair. Struggling with them at the end of the day causes breakage. Make sure that you use things that are softer on your hair and you don’t have to fight with it to come out.

Rescue your Locks

6. Skipping heat protection: We all love styling our hair but using a heat protectant before doing so is also important. This will lessen the harm heat causes to your hair. Though using styling tools less often may be considered as a first option.

7. Avoiding hair cuts: How much we love long hair but admit it, hair cuts never allow us to grow them to the desired length and so we choose to skip it. However, this causes split ends and before you know they are out of your hand. Schedule an appointment at the right time!

8. Brushing your hair straight down: Learn the art of brushing to avoid any harm to your tresses. Never brush your hair down from the root or you will be caught up with hair on your hand. Divide them into sections and start from the middle.

Rescue your Locks

9. Frequently changing shampoos: We have been told many times to change shampoo frequently as it stops working. That is not the case, understand that your hair texture changes with weather and climate changes; so adjust your shampoo to it. For example, when your hair becomes dry look for a hydrating one and when in an oily state look for light and fresh ones.

10. Tying your hair into a tight bun or pony all the time: I love the feeling of hair out of my face, it helps me concentrate on a task better. But this makes them weak and causes hair fall. It builds pressure on one part of the head preventing growth.

Apart from these, usual reasons that have been explained well on IMBB is to maintain a good diet, quit smoking, don’t comb wet hair etc. are also ones to consider.

Hope this article helps in preventing the loss.
Till next time. 🙂

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