How to Restore Youthful Skin and Hair Shine

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Anju Asks

I am 50+ but till a few months back I had very clear and young-looking skin. People used to say I dont look like my age. But suddenly from the last 2-3 months I have lost the shine from my face and my hair.

Dull looking hair and dull looking skin with lots of visible lines on the face

Could you suggest something? It is not that I want to look 16 years old, but gracefully old 🙂

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6 thoughts on “How to Restore Youthful Skin and Hair Shine

  1. Hi Anju (is my mom’s name as well) :)). My mom went through a long depression for many years so all teh medicines took toll on her skin. Now that she is fine *touchwood* she has started to take care of her skin and I can see her skin improving. There are a few thinsg that she does :

    1. she uses home made cleansers – besan + milk + haldi both during day and evening.
    2. Both aromamagic almond lotion ( ) and Lotus nourishment cream ( has helped here.

    3. I have seen a major reduction and skin correction in her under eye circles after she started using AM eye cream

    Also you’d probably have to take care of your diet also. :))

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Hello Anju, I like your intention of ageing gracefully….thats nice to know, you should first take care of your diet, eat more fruits, veggies, drink more fluids (tea and coffee dont count)….exercise for atleast 30 mins, (brisk walking, stretching, yoga, breathing exercises) and sleep for 6 to 8 hours….watch less TV, watching TV for prolonged periods effects eyes, ears and brain in one go….so please control and prioritize your TV.

    The AM eye cream Rati referred above is really good and soothing, use it morning and evening.
    Use Oriflame Royal velvet nourishing face mask referred by Jomol ( this is a very good prod.
    Egg white with milk cream face pack once every three days will tighten the skin and keep it young looking.
    Based on your skin tone, get a very rich day cream with SPF and night cream with Retinol.

    Please look at these links….

    Hope these will help you….pls remember age is just a number….this is the time to take care and pamper yourself….never accept age as a hurdle

  3. After 50, women experience menopause, there is hormonal imbalance in the body, as you saying 2-3 months back you were looking quite fine, I would suggest you to visit a Gynecologist as soon as possible and do undergo tests, I feel there is some internal complications!!!

  4. Anju…. Along with following the daily beauty regime as rati mentioned, take vit c and vit E supplements, these two are very good in restoring skin moisturizer level.
    Definitely you will notice difference in your skin and hair.
    Also as you have mentioned that you are 50, make sure your calcium levels are optimum.

  5. i would second rati on her comment. you need to really make an effort with moisturising etc. and yes do use a lot of home remedies

    you can use milk , honey and curd mixed together and applied to your skin and left for 10-20 minutes and washed off. this will nourish and moisturise your skin. ripe papaya pulp will also help in giving your skin a glow.

    Almond oil is a great night treatment.

    eat a lot of fish, fruits and veggies.

    oil your hair with olive oil, treat your self to an egg mask once a week.
    1- 2 eggs (depending on length)
    2 teaspoons milk
    1 teaspoon coffee (for the fragrance as well as tinge, coffee does away with the eggy smell well)
    1 teaspoon olive oil (omit if your hair is oily)

    Apply this on damp hair. (Just spray some water on your hair). Leave for 30 minutes. Wash off with cold water unless you want scrambled eggs in your hair. Do not shampoo after this. Shampoo the next day if you must.

    Also a great juice for you to start drinking is apple , beetroot and carrot juice first thing in the morning, at the most after a glass of warm water. Also amla and turmeric (fresh) juice can be taken once a month , or once in two months. Drink green tea , say 2 cups per day.

    I agree with you on aging gracefully bit.

  6. Hi Anju, apart from all that has been said, i would request you to carve a workout schedule (maybe brisk walk half an hour each day) for yourself and pls include lotsa fruits and veggies in form of salads in your diet pls…stay happy…one life to live….!

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