Retro look- the latest “in”

Retro look- the latest “in”

Remember Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, Marlon Brando, Fred Astaire and their inimitable dress style. Yes Ladies and Gents the retro is back. Aaaah that fabulous fifties are back in style! The retro look is the current hype in the Hollywood and the Bollywood. Checked Sonam Kapoor with the “Aisha” promos and the movie?

It’s not simply the wardrobe that matters, when getting in for a retro look. There are lots of other things which need to be taken care off. The make up, the hair style, the shoes, the accessories, the jewelry and then comes the “attitude”. A retro look can be a tough one to carry, but the actresses now days are doing so well with the retro look. There is no need to panic and completely re vamp your wardrobe but you can small but visible alterations and keep up with the ever changing fashion.

The retro back in the 50’s and 60’s had it all, from bell bottoms to skinny tights. Leggings and cropped jackets which are commonly worn by college students was a vogue then and has the same impact even now, when worn after ages. Retro clothing is nostalgic!!! If you can’t find any then you can raid your parent’s closet!!! I’m pretty sure they have a few vintage articles of clothing left.

But wearing retro head to toe can’t work daily. But yes a bit of it in your daily dressing is in, now days. Like you can go for skinny ties that were quite the rage of those times, or a pair of retro sunglasses! When I talk of retro sunglasses it’s for people who want to wear something different. They are the hottest thing “in” now days. The cat glasses for instance. And the nerd like frames, which are sported by Saif ali Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, and the supporting cast of “Aisha” are very famour. Even I own one of them. ☺

retro glasses
retro glasses

The colored retro glasses are every ones pick these days. Be it the college students or the corporate tycoons. It’s a must in everyone’s wardrobe. The unusual shapes, the larger than face frames, the colorful frames are all in for the retro season. And how can we forget the Aviator retro eyeglasses, the one which Priyanka Chopra flaunts in “Khatron Ke Khiladi” trailer.
Better yet you can scrounge some places in around your neighborhood and see if they have the fairs. You might find some vintage 50’s 60’s fashion accessories and clothes. Guys can wear a tie-n-dye shirt with bell bottomed jeans and long hair, else they can go for a punk band shirt like The Doors teamed with a bomber jacket( which is slightly hard to find) coupled with a pair of Doc Martens and look absolutely Baaad!!!
Those oversized sweaters reaching your thighs you threw away, are suddenly trendy once again. Match these sweaters with colored leggings and lengthy dangly chains. Baggy short sweaters look shoddy and frumpy. Semi-transparent leggings gives a sexier look to the whole attire, but be careful with the length of the sweater.

Gals can go for fishnet stockings or the neon colored ones, jeans which accentuate the knock knees (I have fond memories of this one), knee length print dresses, with wide belts to show off that thin waist and sexy hips. Team these with chunky bracelets. Crop tops are also back. But you need to have a perfect curvy figure to flaunt with these tops. Sailor stripes, striped skirts, shorts, and dresses are the current trend with the retro look. The baby doll dresses, mini skirts and leggings are simply everyone’s pick. How I can forget mentioning “Prachi Desai’s” BOBBY look in Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai”. Fun, feminine and flirty ruffles with skirts, dresses and blouses.

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Not just these, Retro dresses and shoes look especially good on women. If picked appropriately and worn without modifications, they can make you look a class apart from the others. The Tulle Gowns, the disco outfits, Satin Stretch Wiggle dresses, Polka Dot Swing Dress, mesh gowns, Appliqué dress, poodle skirts, Strapless party dress, the Navy dress, bustier, Taffeta dress, Bubble dress, and Leopard Wiggle dress simply perfect for retro evenings.

When we talk of the retro evenings how can we forget the feather hair accessory? Age no bar, looks no bar, the feather hair accessory goes with all. The most appealing thing about this accessory is that it gives a gentle and seductive look, both at the same time.

Chandelier crystal clips earrings, Beaded purses, delicately stripped sandals, fur coats are all a must in your retro wardrobe. Hair and makeup!!! Guys in the 80’s wore their hair greased and slicked back. Gals wore heavy duty mascara and red lipstick. Go for styles you feel comfortable in. guys you don’t have to look Miami Vice and gals don’t try so hard.
Did you know are much admired converse high tops are a retro’s style statement? Around 1985 we got the famous “Air Jordans”. Who can forget Michael Jackson and rhinestone gloves??
Ultimately it depends on what you want to convey!


7 thoughts on “Retro look- the latest “in”

  1. nice article.i tried doing a retro look on myself turned out to be a disaster !!
    honestly, not everyone can carry off a retro look without looking like a joker.

    1. Thanks insiya…. Its very important dat u knw wat u wanna achieve out of that look seriously…… I mean.u shud hve a clear picture in mind.. :)or else it turns out to be a total disaster..

  2. I’ve always loved retro style! I think it will never go out of fashion. Also, I can’t wait to see “Once Upon A Time In Mumbai”! The actress looks beautiful!

    xoxo :-*

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