Revayur Fruity Lip Balm – Coconut

Revayur Fruity Lip Balm – Coconut

I’m an official lip balm addict. Today, I’ll again review for you a lip balm that I got a couple of days ago, Revayur Fruity Lip Balm in Coconut.

 Revayur Fruity Lip Balm- Coconut


Rs.80 for 7g.

Product Claims:

• Soft, velvety lip balm with natural waxes for total lip care.
• Leaves lips soft, smooth, supple and luminous.
• Deliciously flavoured with coconut which makes it joyful to wear.
• Gives your lips a wet and sparkling sheen.
• Packed in a handy container for convenience.
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My Experience with Revayur Fruity Lip Balm in Coconut:

The product comes in a unique tub, one with a sliding cap. The design bowled me over. I remember how in kinder-garden, I wanted everything with a sliding cap: pencil box, lunch box, I even had an eraser cover (Yes, it’s a thing!) with a sliding door. The tub is made of tin painted mint in colour, with a little plastic window on the top to show off the product. The back side has a sticker with the product details on it. The lip balm is white in colour with a very mild smell akin to coconut candies. Even though, I did not enjoy either coconut candies or their smell, I like the smell of this lip balm because it is not intense. Of course, the smell won’t linger after you apply it given the miniscule amount we apply, also its mildness. The lip balm is very moisturizing. You won’t have to dig in the tub, just a two or three pats on the product with the finger is more than sufficient for one time use. It hydrates the lips pretty well and imparts it sheen. It makes the lips soft and supple. However, it won’t really get rid of chapped lips. If you wish to apply it on chapped lips you ought to scrub your lips hard. It keeps the lips moisturized for two hours maximum. I don’t really mind the low staying power for I am used to reapplying lip balms every one hour. It is probably ingrained in my biological clock to reach out for my lip balm every one hour and follow through with the mindless ritual of poking my finger into the tub( or rotating the lip balm case, as the case maybe.) and coating my lips with a luxurious layer of moisture. This lip balm has a very mild sweet flavour too, so if your tongue accidentally wanders out it does not have a tasteless or sometimes bitter sensation waiting to annoy it. The cap of the tub has never come off in the bag as I imagined it would. It might, but it hasn’t till now, for me. Also, I noticed that the tub proclaims it contains tinted lip balm, which it most certainly is not. On the whole, a good lip product at a very reasonable price.

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Pros of Revayur Fruity Lip Balm in Coconut:

• Moisturizes the lips well.
• Imparts them with a healthy shine.
• Makes lips soft and supple.
• Smells nice.
• I like the sliding cap mechanism.
• Easily available online.

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Cons of Revayur Fruity Lip Balm in Coconut:

• Tub packaging.
• Not exactly bag proof.
• Will not get rid of extremely chapped lips.
• No SPF.

IMBB Rating:

Will I Repurchase Revayur Fruity Lip Balm in Coconut?

Yes. Also, I’d like to explore the other varieties.

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  1. This slider concept is cute *hifive* *hifive* i wanna try the cherry one after i finish my lip balms *happydance* nice review *hifive*

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