Revayur Strawberry Face Wash Review

Revayur Strawberry Face Wash

Hello darlings,

Most of the women are attracted to all the stuff which has the scent of strawberries, cherries and peaches, I am the one among them. I have a tendency to buy almost everything having these flavours. I have tried Revayur stuff before, not many products but just 1 or 2 and the experience was not that bad. I spotted this face wash on an online store. The packaging looked very cute and had a strawberry flavour so there was no option of leaving this one. Let’s see how the face wash turned out to be.


Price: Rs 60 for 45 grams

Speciality: An oil-free, soap-free foaming face cleanser
Nurtures and soothes skin with a subtle fruity fragrance
Formulated with the fresh strawberry extract
Quickly lathers and easily rinses off
Gives the skin a more radiant and polished appearance
Leaves skin feeling fresh, smooth and dewy

Directions for use: Squeeze a small quantity on palm. Apply gently over face and neck. Rinse off with water.


My take on Revayur Strawberry Face Wash:

I have a habit on continuously changing my facewash. I have repurchased the same stuff just two times till date. Either a new one is launched in the market or someone recommends me or of course there is IMBB where I get such tempting reviews that I cannot resist. I am a lover of fruity fragrance face-washes and that was a reason I picked this up. This is a strawberry flavoured face wash and I think there are two or three other different scents as well. The tube is 3/4th the palm size in plastic packaging which makes it easy to carry in the bag. I at times take this one to college so it does not occupy much of the space in the bag. Only Himalaya and Clean & Clear have those really small variants that can be used while travelling. The big tube is available as well. The tube is pink in colour with pictures of tiny tiny strawberries over it which makes it even more cute.

The smell is as cute as the packaging not exactly like strawberries but it smells same like alpenliebe the pink one, I am sure everyone has eaten that candy so you can imagine the smell. It is not very strong but refreshing when you are tired and bored. The facewash is a little thick in consistency as compared to the other face washes. But that actually helps in removing the makeup. When you are tired and cannot really go ahead with your make-up removal routine than this is a very good alternative as it takes out the make-up completely except for the eye portion as you do not use your face wash on the eye area.

It did not sting on my skin. It made my skin dry for like 5 minutes after rinsing it and wiping off my face with a cloth but after that time my skin became normal and soft. My skin was looking a little glowy and even-toned after using this one. It is a nice cheap face wash which did not cause any problems to my skin and did what it claimed and super-easy to carry it along.


Pros of Revayur Strawberry Face Wash

-Very cheap
-Easy to carry as it is small
-Tangy fragrance like pink alpenliebe
-Has more flavours to choose from
-A little thick in consistency which helps to remove make-up
-Available on all the online stores
-Made skin a little glowy, soft and even-toned
-It went in my eyes once but did not sting


Cons of Revayur Strawberry Face Wash

-Made skin dry for like 5 minutes after using
-1/4th of the face wash tube was empty when it came and I used it thrice and half of it was empty. They should fill it completely.

Will I repurchase/recommend Revayur Strawberry Face Wash?

Yes I am going to buy it again the next time I shop online and I will recommend it. If you are not using some special face wash for pimples or fairness and are looking out for something that will help removing the impurities and simply cleaning the face, then try out this once.

Rating: 4/5

Ingredients: Strawberry extract, carbomer, disodium EDTA, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl ether sulphate, perfume, triethanolamine, color.

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10 thoughts on “Revayur Strawberry Face Wash Review

    1. I love bubble baths *hifive* *woot* yeah its very cute *pompom* i would have even bought it to decorate my washroom coz of the pink colour lol *hihi*

      1. Same pinch saloni *puchhi* *hifive* … Anything has to be pink that’s enough for me to be convinced to buy … Hehehe I just loooove color pink *drool*

  1. all seems pretty about this pink strawberry face wash except for the fact the quantity is so less… *headbang* *headbang*

    1. Yeah yaar 1/4th of the tube was empty *headbang* due to the jazzy packaging i did not notice it but then i was like how did it become half??? *hihi* but its okk for 60 bucks *hifive* they have a bigger tube as well *happy dance* *happy dance*

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