Review: Oriflame Beauty Shimmer Eye Dust

REVIEW: Oriflame Beauty Shimmer Eye Dust

Just yesterday my Oriflame consultant delivered the products that I had ordered for. I was really really looking forward to it cause I had ordered for this new product that I was dying to try out. What I am talking about is “Shimmer Eye Dust”. I believe Maybelline also has a similar product called “Shadow Stylist”.

Anyways, here is a teeny review about Oriflame’s Shimmer eye dust. I purchased a shade in “Copper Brown” (which was a change from the blues that I was purchasing as if the color blue was gonna get extinct or something!) LOL. A pic to give you an idea about the color is as follows:

Oriflame SHimmer Dust

What the Oriflame site claims:
Loose powder eyeshadow with exceptionally light texture. Five glistening shades containing shimmering pearl for a brilliant, lustrous sheen. Lasts for hours. Go for a delicate glow or add layers of colour for intense multi-facet shine.


My Experience
I am having a pleasant experience with it as of now . 🙂

The eye dust is packaged very cutely in a bottle with Oriflame signature purple cap. It contains 2.5 gms of product. The bottle as such seems sturdy enough and it is small enough to be carried in your tote or even clutch . 🙂
The writing on the bottle is with silver and is hence a bit difficult to read 😛

The applicator, which is attached to the cap of the bottle is of very hardened sponge. This makes it easy to apply. The sponge tip actually facilitates the product to cling to the applicator and hence helps in getting coverage. The tip is pretty small though and hence one needs to keep dipping it in the bottle to get more product.
It has a lot of fall-off . 🙁

oriflame SHimmer Dust
oriflame SHimmer Dust

The “eye dust” is actually very shimmery and hence flies off even when the cap is opened or closed. The dust is really very fine and ultra soft and smooth to feel, it softer than even talc!! The dust as such is ok ok types pigmented. It’s totally odorless (thank God!) and doesn’t feel heavy.

The staying power isn’t very good and it fades away in a couple of hours.

2.5 gms for Rs.300+. It doesn’t seem very worth 🙁

oriflame SHimmer Dust
oriflame SHimmer Dust

In order to summarize, let me list the pros and cons of this product.

Pros of Oriflame Shimmer Dust

  • Very fine dust and hence very light
  • Love the cute packaging and it’s portability
  • Very shimmery and hence very festive
  • Easy application
  • Odorless (It’s a positive for me at least).

Cons of the Oriflame Eye Dust

  • It isn’t very long stay
  • A lot of fall-off
  • Applicator tip is a bit small

Would I buy it again?
Hmmm… well… NO! I’d rather try out the Maybelline Stylist shadow!

Have you tried Oriflame Eye Dust? Please rate in the box below.


23 thoughts on “Review: Oriflame Beauty Shimmer Eye Dust

  1. Thanks for the review, it looks like a promising product if only Oriflame would improve the quality and all those cons.
    Have you used it on your eyes ? If you have , let us see your eye pics too .. would give a better picture

    1. oooh! yes.. i ve used it on my eye… i’ll send a pic to Rati.. she can update on this post 🙂
      You know I actually like Oriflame for a lot of its products, but this one was quite a flop 🙁

      1. Grreat !! Would love to see it on your eyes…
        Yah i actually have noticed your liking for Oriflame products 😛 here and also on your blog !

        1. Lol.. yeah 😀 actually their nail paints, fragrances and foundations are really good… And am lately liking their Soul Mates Eye shadow s too… Oh God! am sounding like an Oriflame brand ambassador 😛

        1. oh god! i need to do that too 😀 LOL.. first i have to see if Pune ka Pantaloons ha sthat! I am so praying that they do 😀 lolz…. 🙂
          and seiously Rati, shopping really never ends!

  2. I have the Maybelline Stylist shadow in a light shimmery pink…its awesome as highlighter and even lid color if you wanna do neutral looks..not at all OTT…beautifully soft and pigmented…!!even I need to check a few more shades in that!!….GOD!! the list will never end!! :-))

  3. The color seems to be good…… but i have victoria secret e/s with exactly same applicator…too much of fallout while applying the e/s…..
    anyways……what is your rating for Oriflame e/s as compared to MAC?
    I have never used em so curious…

  4. Hi, i have ordered the emerald green shade, recieved yday. there was a offer last month. Eye shadow & waterproof top coat for mascara combined.

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