Revlon #260 Rosy Future Super Lustrous Lip Gloss Review

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How many of you are like me and have a love hate relationship with lip glosses? Initially as a teenager all I used to wear was lip gloss because I thought lipstick was only for older women. Now that I am an older woman my view point has changed (haha!) but my love of lip gloss still remains. In fact, I just spent an indecent sum on lip glosses in Sephora and I hope to have those reviews up for you soon. Till then, here is a wonderful surprise, a gift I received on Karvachauth from mommy in law last year, in India. And it turned out to be one of the best lip glosses I have owned!! (Yes yes, I am rubbish at keeping the suspense. I have a deep seated desire to tell you right in the introduction how good or bad a product was!)

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The Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss is a) extremely lustrous and b) comes in a handy transparent plastic packaging with a twist off black top and gold accents. Ok, so do a lot of other lip glosses. But I get good juju from this chunky globular looking thing. Maybe it will not fit in the tiniest clutch however there is plenty of product there to last you a pretty long time. I mean, my average with a lip gloss is less than a month because I go crazy about one colour and then use it all the time, but this one has certainly lasted! The applicator wand is long and the end of it is quite soft and nice as well.

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Product claims:
Revlon’s website states “At last, a silky gloss that boosts hydration and plumps moisture for a colorful, glamorous shine in 12 gorgeous shades.”


product claims revlon gloss



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key ingredients of revlon gloss

So the lip gloss itself has a sticker on it which lists the ‘key ingredients’ and that for me immediately makes me suspicious because I’m wondering what else is on here that is not listed, you know? But because I love you guys I have got the entire ingredient details for you all as well. So you can all have a read and see if you are allergic to anything, or don’t prefer a certain ingredient.

Since this was a gift, I have no idea how much this cost. My mother in law did buy it from India so my best guess is that it is easily available in India. Ulta shows the price as USD 8.49 but currently it is on sale on their website for USD 5.09.

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My experience with the Revlon #260 Rosy Future Super Lustrous Lip Gloss:

With this product, I feel like drugstore brands have really upped their game in terms of makeup. This lip gloss is like the PHD of lip glosses and that is how serious it is about its business. While I was impressed with the lip gloss, I was not so much impressed with the white sticker on it that does not come off easily. I want my makeup to look pretty, not like my future 3 year old kid tore a label off it. Having said that this lip gloss gives me pretty serious Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox lips (even though Emma Stone endorses these lip glosses which I do not get because her lips aren’t all that) which is the sexiest pout I could ask for. The one thing I have got to warn you about is that these lip glosses are not true to the color in the tubes, or the colors shown on the internet. They are basically a somewhat sheer and lightly pigmented, lustrous gloss and they will not come out as bright as they look like on a swatch. So check them out in store before you buy! My mother in law loves pink so that is what she got me and it looks entirely different on my lips.

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This colour is a dirty pink and that is what it swatches, however it is very different on. The applicator is very soft and allows for an even application on your lips. The wonderful thing about this lip gloss is that it is not sticky at all so I will definitely invest in more shades of this because who likes a sticky lip gloss. My lips feel very moisturised as I eat this throughout the day and they do not dry out or flake which is something I am in love with! It even lasts an easy four hours after application which is a god send for lip glosses. It is very very lustrous, it is glossy and shiny and will add sparkle to your work or office outfit. I love the sparkle it gives my lips! It is like a unicorn has licked my lips (haha! I cannot live without my unicorn reference!) I cannot complain about any funky smells from this. I also like that it has the expiry date mentioned on the top which is an added bonus. I really like the light reflective quality and it overall gives good decent medium coverage which when combined with the beautiful flush of color it gives and its added hydration is a win win combination for me!

Revlon #260 Rosy Future Super Lustrous Lip Gloss  (5)

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Pros of Revlon #260 Rosy Future Super Lustrous Lip Gloss:

  • Hydrating
  • Non-sticky
  • Non-greasy
  • Plenty of product for price!
  • Very shiny and lustrous (people may or may not like the shine-ne-ness)

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Cons of Revlon #260 Rosy Future Super Lustrous Lip Gloss:

  • Not true to colour in tube

Would I repurchase or recommend the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in 260 Rosy Future?
Yes and super yes!

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