Revlon Aqua Marine Hair Conditioner Review

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Today I thought I will review this wonderful conditioner. I got this conditioner around eight months back. I suffer from really frizzy, wavy, unmanageable and rough hair and I have been searching the market for a good conditioner to help my hair. I was very skeptic about this product as I had never heard of it before.But I was pleasantly surprised by what it had to offer.


PRICE: Rs.325 (I got it for Rs.299 as there was a special offer)
QUANTITY: 920 ml

(ON THE FRONT OF THE BOTTLE) Its active seaweed extracts and protein conditioning agents deeply moisturizes and conditions your hair, giving it a rich sensation of freshness and long lasting fragrance that goes with you all day long.
(BEHIND THE BOTTLE) Aquamarine conditioner works from root to tip. Its active seaweed extracts and protein conditioning agents help in strengthening, smoothening and conditioning your hair.

Fresh Turquoise Caribbean Fragrance gives a long lasting freshness and a sensation of cleanliness.


So now that we are done with the technical bit of it lets proceed to the visual and tangible evidences. After I started using this conditioner, my hair has started to feel so soft and manageable and it smells absolutely great! It also lives up to its claim that it gives a sensation of cleanliness. I have noticed that a few of the other conditioners that I have used leave my hair with a sense of heaviness. This does no such thing. I really love this conditioner and it is also a product of a trusted and reputed company, namely Revlon. Also my hair is really sensitive to new products as it starts falling if the products don’t suit me. But with this conditioner my hair was more than happy to stay on my scalp! I have also received a lot of compliments from people saying that my hair smells really nice. It does not leave a strong nausea-inducing smell instead it leaves behind pleasant smell. I use a lot of this product during one wash as I have long and really damaged hair and still it has lasted me a really long while. But the problem with this conditioner is its availability as the whole range was discontinued a while back. I got mine at the local ‘Nilgiris’ store. It is still available in some shops and some online sites. But it is definitely worth the search. It also does not give build up in the hair. It has not ruined my natural wavy hair and helps keep my curl in. So beauties, do give this product a try. You won’t be disappointed.
I have so much left even after eight months of heavy duty use. I wash my hair 2 times a week.


Pros of Revlon Aqua Marine Conditioner:
• Makes hair really smooth and manageable.No build up.
• Great smell.
• Large quantity for a small amount. Very economical.
• Lives up to all its claims.
• Does not contain silicone or any other type of ‘cones’.
• Easy to use.
• It is easy to wash off.
Cons of Revlon Aqua Marine Conditioner:
• This products production on a large scale was discontinued although it is still available.
• You have to spend a bit of time searching for this product.
• It does not come in smaller size bottles in case you want to first try the product or if you want to take a travel size bottle.

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19 thoughts on “Revlon Aqua Marine Hair Conditioner Review

  1. too have this but this but was a gift from MR..thot its not available here after searching a few too happy to know that its still available..and yes, i’m too in love with this :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. i never heard about this :nababana: ………….looking nice product :methinks: …..hope could find it :dance:

  3. My 1st conditioner was Revlon 🙂 🙂 dey smellll sooooooooooooo heavenly n does a pretty gud job in keeping hair soft
    I totally frgt abt dese nw
    i wil try dis one 🙂 else i will get sum other revlon conditioner atleast fr the smell 😛

    1. health and glow… i haven’t seen this product there… but no harm in asking right ? i hope you find it 🙂 🙂

  4. 920 ml????/ almost 1 litre :woot: Its pretty cheap, but I had horrible experience with their shampoo few years back !! :(( anyways wonderful product, others may surely love this !!

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