Revlon Azalea Ultra HD Lipstick Review

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We can never have enough lipsticks, can we? 😛 That’s what I always think when I visit a store for any errand. There have been times when I have stepped out to buy staples like milk and eggs and ended up picking lipsticks along with the groceries.  So, today’s lipstick was the result of one such random shopping trip.  The marketing banners have been all over the place in US for the past few months announcing the arrival of the new Revlon Ultra HD lipsticks. I was always curious about the HD part in this lipstick – I mean we are all aware of HD (High Definition) in our videos and TV, but what is “high definition” in a lipstick? Read on to find out more as I review
the Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in shade Azalea for you.

Revlon lipstick

$8.99. Prices may vary from store to store.

Product Description:
Revolutionary wax-free gel technology for true color clarity in one smooth swipe. Available in 20 high-definition shades. Revlon patent-pending wax-free gel technology delivers true color clarity without the heavy feel.

Bright pink lipstick

My Experience with Revlon Azalea Ultra HD Lipstick:

Packaging: This lipstick comes in a sleek packaging with a transparent cap. The packaging is completely fuss-free and there is nothing imprinted on the cap. The tube is a beautiful reflective silver and has Revlon printed at the base. A color-coded sticker at the bottom of the tube has the shade name and also helps identify the lipstick if you have multiple of them. I usually don’t like such transparent cap packaging and find them a bit cheap. But, this lipstick looks classy despite such simple packaging.

Revlon lipstick packaging

Unfortunately, this lipstick has another of my packaging pet-peeve. The lipstick does not swivel all the way down inside the tube and there is always the danger of nicking some part of the lipstick while trying to put the cap on. I already did that the first time I opened it and now my cap has stains on it!

Shade:  Azalea is a rich berry-pink. The shade is slightly on the brighter side, but not so much to look garish. Moreover, it is one of those pinks which looks good on warm skin tones and hence I love it. However, the shade might not suit duskier skin tones.

bright pink lipstick

Texture, Finish, Pigmentation:  The two things that stand out in the description from Revlon are wax-free gel technology and HD color. The texture of this lipstick is indeed a bit different compared to traditional lipsticks. It feels very balm like and I would attribute that to the gel formula. It glides smoothly on the lips and doesn’t tug at your lips. Over time, it feels slightly drying on the lips and those with dry, chapped lips will probably not like it.

Revlon lipstick

Coming to the HD finish – well, that was a bit of a disappointment. There is nothing too special about the finish. It is somewhere in between a crème and a glossy finish, but nothing that stands out. This particular shade has a slight shimmer in it. The shimmer doesn’t really show up so much on the lips but gives a nice sheen to the lips. You can see it only if you view your lips up-close in the mirror.

Pink lips

Pink lipstick

The pigmentation of the lipstick is pretty good and you can go opaque in a single swipe. However for a richer, deeper color, I would recommend going with two swipes.

The lipstick lasts for about 4-5 hours and survives light snacking. It leaves behind a beautiful rosy stain as it fades away and I just love how the stain looks.

The lipstick has a mild sweet cherry fragrance. I am fine with this fragrance, but those who like their cosmetics to be fragrance free might not like it.

To summarize, the Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in Azalea is a beautiful bright pink shade with glossy finish. But, personally, I found the formula falling a little short of all the hype around it.

Pros of Revlon Azalea Ultra HD Lipstick:

  • Beautiful bright pink shade.
  • Strong pigmentation; leaves behind a beautiful stain.
  • Glides smoothly on the lips.
  • Lovely glossy crème finish.
  • Decent staying power – around 4-5 hours.
  • Classy packaging.

Cons of Revlon Azalea Ultra HD Lipstick:

  • Inconvenient packaging, the lipstick does not swivel all the way down in the tube.
  • Shade might not suit dusky skin tones.
  • Might feel drying for dry, chapped lips.
  • Not all might like the fragrance.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase/Recommend Revlon Azalea Ultra HD Lipstick?

Hmm, I would recommend you to purchase this only if the shade is something that you absolutely love and want to have or if you get this at some heavy discount. Otherwise, you will find a lot of better quality lipsticks for the same price range.  I won’t repurchase the same shade. I might try out another shade if I find something interesting.

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  1. wat a coincidence..i heard abt them jus today and was seeing a way of getting jealous of you for being in US..i wants them:)

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