Revlon ColorStay Gel Eyeliner – 001 Black Noir

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Revlon ColorStay Gel Eyeliner – 001 Black Noir

Hello ladies,

Hope you guys are doing fine. I am sure that black eye liner is a must have for everybody in their life, So today I am here to review a black gel eyeliner from Revlon. I have used eye pencils from the brand but never any eyeliners. So lets dive into the review and see how it performed for me.



9.99$( not including taxes)

Product description:

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Love a soft look for day or a dramatically line for an opulent evening out ? ColorStay Creme Gel Eye Liner has you covered. Always bold and completely smudge-proof, its your go-to eye liner no matter what your look.
Bold smudge-proof color that lasts up to 24 hours
Easily glides to create delicate to dramatic lines
Ophthalmologist tested

Revlon ColorStay  Gel Eyeliner - 001 Black Noir

My take on the Revlon ColorStay Gel Eyeliner – 001 Black Noir

The liner comes in a glass bottle which is the base with an elongated screw cap, there is also a brush attached at the tip of the cap which is a very convenient option. The brush provided is a bit hard to apply on eyes, it is not very flexible and tends to poke in the eye if not used carefully. The bristles are very closely packed but not soft and fluffy, thus making application a bit tacky. But when you are travelling or don’t have any luxurious time, the brush can come in very handy.


The gel liner is a bit thick and creamy in consistency, I prefer a more thin consistency which is easy to spread. This one does not spread easily to give a smooth finish, it tugs near my lash area which I find it a bit uncomfortable. It gives a pure matte finish which I quite like. There is no form of sparkle or shimmer in the liner. There is also a tendency to take excess amount of the product while you apply. The quantity provided is also little and this is going to get over soon if i use it daily. Even though it has a creamy texture and glides well, it does not give a perfect finish to my eyes. Moreover the product tends to dry up fast on the brush which is even more bothersome. I have to constantly pick up the product so that it does not dry up.

The colour is almost jet black and stays on really well after application. When I wear it in the mornings, it stays till evening with slight smudging at the corners of the eye. The staying power is absolutely awesome, it is waterproof to a certain extent and can be only removed with a makeup remover. Overall it is an average product that is not over the top.

Pros of Revlon ColorStay Gel Eyeliner- 001 Black Noir

The liner is smooth and creamy in texture
It gives an almost jet black finish which is absolutely matte
The staying power of the liner is extremely good, considering the fact that it stays almost a whole day with slight smudging.
It can only be removed with a makeup remover
The packing is quite convenient with the brush that comes in quite handy


Cons of Revlon ColorStay Gel Eyeliner- 001 BlackNoir

The liner is creamy to a certain extent but the thickness makes it a bit inconvenient to create the perfect wing.
The brush provided is a little hard and it tends to poke the eye if not careful
The product tends to dry fast on the brush which makes it difficult to finish what we have started.
The colour is almost jet black but I prefer a little more intense black
The glass tub, though it looks cute, can cause breakage

IMBB Rating:

3/5. It is an average gel liner that does not claim much appreciation. I feel it is a bit expensive considering the quantity provided.


Would I repurchase Revlon Gel Eyeliner- 001 Black Noir?

No,I am not very satisfied with the performance of this gel liner and I would like to try out other gel liners from other budget-friendly brands.

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  1. Ohhh… I think i prefer the normal gel liner pots of maybelline… With a separate brush…. That has good pigmentation….. But this one looks so good on ur eyes… Lovely eotd

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