Revlon ColorStay Jade Eyeliner Review

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Today, I am here with a product which gave me a tough time to judge it, and then finally to review it. This is for the first time that I have taken so much time to reach a conclusion and that too for an eyeliner. Maybe, I was expecting wonders from Revlon, but I only like this product. I repeat, like it NOT love it! Read on to find out why I was so confused while perusing this product.

Revlon ColorStay Jade Eyeliner Review

Product Description:

America’s #1 longwear eye liner glides on effortlessly for drama and definition. No matter what your day holds, the waterproof formula will keep you covered.

Wears up to 16 hours.
Built in sharpener for precise lines.
Ophthalmologist tested.


Revlon ColorStay Jade Eyeliner Review


INR 595 for 0.28 grams.


Revlon ColorStay Jade Eyeliner Review

The packaging is simple, sleek and very attractive. The liner comes in a simple white cardboard pack, with the liner pen safely trapped inside a clear plastic case. All the details related to the product are written at the back of the cardboard. The liner comes as a black pen with twist up mechanism. It has a color coded shiny cap. The cap shuts with a click sound. What I didn’t like about the packaging is that the twister is a little shaky. And, when you try to apply the liner holding it in your hands, the wobbly twister automatically twists some extra product out, which can make the product break.

Revlon ColorStay Jade Eyeliner Review

The good thing is that, the liner comes with an in-built smudger and a detachable sharpener too, for that defined look. Worried about the smudger’s hygiene? Don’t worry, a clear small cap is provided to keep your smudger dust free. Honestly, I haven’t used any separate or attached smudger before. So, I am confused if it works properly in smudging the liner or not, as the smudger didn’t work great with the dry textured liner.

My Experience with Revlon ColorStay Jade Eyeliner:

Shade: Jade is a warm toned deep forest green color. It has very minute golden shimmers in it. Due to these tiny golden shimmers, the color gets a warm golden tint to it. The shade is very pretty and will suit every skin tone. The shade is apt for everyday office or college wear.

Revlon ColorStay Jade Eyeliner Review

Texture: Texture wise, this liner is on a little drier side, rather than being super creamy. The formula is moderately smooth. Not super creamy, but not extremely dry or hard either. The good thing is that the liner doesn’t need to be dragged or pulled in order to be applied properly. It glides on very smoothly on the eye area.

Revlon ColorStay Jade Eyeliner Review

The liner sets dry pretty quickly, to a non-budge able, waterproof liner. After that, it stays put in place, with no color transferring or smudging. Because of the quick drying formula of the liner, blending or smudging is quite difficult.

Revlon ColorStay Jade Eyeliner Review

Pigmentation: I won’t say the liner is poorly pigmented. Because when I swipe the color on my hand, it gives a pretty bold and even color with just one swipe. But, because the liner is gentle, it gives quite sheer color pay-off when you apply it on eyes. You’ll need minimum of four swipes to get proper, bold line of color on your eyes.

Revlon ColorStay Jade Eyeliner Review

The liner won’t turn flaky upon layering. Being sheer in pigmentation, the liner actually gives you the control to maintain the color intensity. If you want to go for smoky eyes, the no makeup look and desire to use it as a base color you can swipe it once or twice. But, if you want a bold and an intensified liner look, maximum of 4 swipes will do the job.

Revlon ColorStay Jade Eyeliner Review

Staying Power: The liner lasted on for 8+ hours without fading. But, if you have the habit of rubbing your eyes frequently, the dry liner will surely turn flaky and uneven. I didn’t touch my eyes in between, so I managed to make the liner stay evenly on eyes for 8-9 hours, without any color fading. Though, the liner appears a little flaky as time passes, it stay put for long and is completely smudge proof. And, it lasts on my waterline for 3-4 hours vibrantly, after that it fades mildly.

Revlon ColorStay Jade Eyeliner Review

Pros of Revlon ColorStay Jade Eyeliner:

• A beautiful warm toned forest green color.
• Everyday, wearable color. A nice substitute for black and brown liners.
• Packaging looks attractive. Comes with an inbuilt sharpener and smudger.
• Though, the texture is moderately creamy, the liner glides effortlessly on eyes, without dragging.
• Safe to be used on waterline. Doesn’t irritate the eyes.
• The liner dries pretty quickly.
• Is a smudge and water proof liner.
• The liner doesn’t cake up upon layering.
• Is a quite long lasting liner. If you abstain from touching or rubbing the eyes.

Cons of Revlon ColorStay Jade Eyeliner:

• Texture would have been creamier and softer.
• Color pay-off of the liner with 1 swipe is extremely sheer. But, the color is very buildable.
• Expensive comparing the quality of the product.
• Because of the dry texture it starts appearing flaky in finish.
• The inbuilt smudger is of no use, because of the dry texture.
• The wobbly twister makes application a little problematic.

Would I Recommend Revlon ColorStay Jade Eyeliner?

Now, I think you must have understood the reason for my confusion. Should I praise the longevity and the pretty bright color, or should I blame the dry texture and poor color-pay off?

No, I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. All the shades launched are very appealing, but don’t let these beautiful shades fool you.

IMBB Rating:



As I said earlier, I am having a love-hate kind of relationship with this liner. The eyeliner is quiet long lasting, doesn’t smudge at all and glides pretty smoothly on eyes. But, the little dry texture, sheer color pay-off and the tendency of it to turn flaky are big turn offs for me. I will never again invest my precious six hundred bucks at this range when I can get better pigmentation from other brands at half the price.

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