Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow in Sand Review

Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow in Sand

Product description as per the Revlon website

-Mix and match your favorite shades to create your own customized palette.
-Interchangeable shadows easily snap together or come apart.
-Rich color in a variety of finishes from matte to sparkle.
-All-day wear



Rs. 175 for 1.4 grams


The eyeshadow comes in a glossy black rectangular case with a transparent cover lid. The packaging is smartly designed to customize your own palette. Each side of the eyeshadow case has an extra piece of plastic, that’s the piece which interlocks. The other side of each eyeshadow case has a slot, where the plastic piece locks into. So, you can easily link up these eyeshadows and make your own palette. Overall, the packaging of these eyeshadows is super sleek, compact and functional. They can easily fit our vanity pouches and are super travel friendly. The eyeshadow case doesn’t come with any sponge or brush for application.




‘Sand’ is a gorgeous highlighter kind of a shade. As soon as I saw it at the counter, I really liked it a lot. There was another color at the counter which was pretty similar to this eyeshadow, I don’t remember the name. The shade being a very light creamy white color, I expected it to be very chalky and stark. But to my surprise, it is smooth and soft not at all chalky. The texture feels soft and blends beautifully into the skin. Now, from the range of eyeshadows I own this one is best. The color is super pretty and goes well for highlighting. It is subtle and does have some silver shimmer particles. The shimmer adds a soft glow to the skin. It works well as an all over eye lid color too. I layered this eyeshadow over the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to Bronze and it looks a very nice combination. I think this shade will suit fair, medium and dusky skin tones too. It might look slightly stark on very deeper skin tones. As the shade has some shimmer particles, there is some fall out with this eyeshadow too. So, it is best to tap off the excess eyeshadow before applying it on the eye lids to avoid it.


Texture and pigmentation

The texture of this eyeshadow is decently soft and smooth. It glides easily without any tugging and it doesn’t turn patchy or difficult to blend. The shimmer is delicate and finely milled, it doesn’t feel gritty or chunky. The pigmentation of this eyeshadow is quite decent. It doesn’t show up in full color intensity in a single swipe, you need to layer the product at least twice to show up well. I think the formula of this eyeshadow is definitely far better than the other eyeshadows.

Staying power

The eyeshadow has a low staying power without a base. It stays on me for about 2 and half hours and then starts fading. A primer or any creamy base underneath these eyeshadows is recommended again to make it work better.

Pros of Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow in Sand

• Pretty colour.
• Smart packaging – easy to customize your own palette.
• It is not powdery or chalky.
• The shimmer particles are micro fine and do not feel gritty or chunky.
• The eyeshadow has decent minimal fallout.
• Reasonably priced.
• Easily available.
• Decent pigmentation.
• Travel friendly packaging.


Cons of Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow in Sand

• Low staying power.
• Ingredients list is missing.

IMBB Rating

Will I repurchase and do I recommend revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow in Sand?

I do recommend it to beginners and for the budget-friendly price give this eyeshadow a try. I do recommend it if you like the color. Just remember to use a good eye primer or any creamy base to make it last longer. This eyeshadow turned to be quite decent compared to the others from the range. I feel, this one is a good deal considering the price.

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  1. nice review and pics fathima *clap* *pompom* loved this shade for an all over lid color or highlighter…I was so exited by this concept from revlon but its sad that these shadows failed to deliver much *shock*

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