Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eyeshadow in Bone

Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eyeshadow in Bone

Hello ladies 😀

today I am going to review the new eyeshadow line by Revlon which I discovered very recently when I was randomly shopping at the mall . At first I thought these tiny eyehadows were testers for the customers to see the product and I found them to be so adorable , I thought this would be perfect to carry in my clutch when i go clubbing so that I can touch up easily without having to carry the big palettes of eyeshadows (: I was happy on hearing that they were not testers but new Revlon eyeshadows , what was more surprising was the price as Revlon products are never this cheap . When the lady at the counter explained how these eyeshadows would link to each other and that one can customize their palette according to the colours they want I was like wow ! this reminded me of the oriflame click ons :p I had to get them ! I so wanted the shade taupe but it was out of stock 🙁 so I went for Bone mainly to highlight the inner corner of my eyes and the arch of my brows 🙂


Description :

Customize Your Palette. Mix. Match. Click. Individual, interchangeable eye shadows click together to create your own customized palette of possibilities. In 4 fabulous finishes and 30 covetable, collectible shades.


Mix and match your favorite shades to create your own customized palette.
Interchangeable shadows easily snap together or come apart.
Rich color in a variety of finishes from matte to sparkle.
All-day wear.

Price : INR 175

Packaging :

It comes in a tiny rectangular plastic packaging , the lid is transparent so that the shade can be seen easily . The packaging is decent , its small and cute and has a groove on the side for it to link to the other eyeshadows for customization . It does not come with the brush for application. The packaging is kinda cute according to me .

Texture and pigmentation :

I have only used a palette of eyeshadow from Revlon , I dont usually buy revlon and stick to mac inglot and clinique when it comes to eyeshadows . The quality of the palette that I own from revlon is waaay waay waaaaay better than this which is understood as this product is priced much lesser . Its powdery and not smooth , crumbles a lot when you sweep your brush over it and is gritty so I would recommend you guys to use it with a sponge eyeshadow applicator instead of a brush . Not very pigmented , I have one more shade (sand) and that isn’t very pigmented either . Its a decent eye shadow for its price though .

Colour :

Bone according to me is an off-white eyeshadow , its matte which is what i liked and not very bright , its not flashy white , it kinda blends with my skin .

Staying power :

What can you expect from a product which is priced soooo less ? It does not last very long , like maybe for an hour and if you have oily skin maybe not even that much . I recommend applying a primer for it to last longer on your lids .

My experience with Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eyeshadow in Bone

I was fascinated when I saw it at the mall and went ahead and purchased two shades , sand and bone . I like sand better than bone but bone is good if you want to highlight your inner corner of the eyes or your browbone. I have Hazel eyes and I wanted something which would make my eye colour pop , one of my favourite youtubers suggested using white shadow to highlight and bright out the colour of the eye , also my idol , Tyra Banks suggests using white to open up the eyes or give it that illusion 🙂 there are so many things like making your lashes look longer via using white on your lids etc :)so I went ahead and bought it , it was okay nothing too great . Easy to use and easy to carry. I hate that it crumbles and feels gritty and isn’t that smooth apart from that its fair for 175 rs I mean you cant expect much in that 🙂


Pros of Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eyeshadow in Bone :

easy to carry
can cutomize you own pallete
easy to use
good packaging
verrrrrrry cheap
decent eyeshadow

Cons of Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eyeshadow in Bone

Not long lasting
Low pigmentation

IMBB rating :


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12 thoughts on “Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eyeshadow in Bone

  1. Nice review, but to be honest, in the swatch it looks so so chalky that I almost feel it is like the white chalk which in school we used to write on blackboard! *hunterwali*
    Dud after dud from revlon shadowlinks! *hunterwali*

  2. I really like such matte shades but this one is a disaster *nonono* *hunterwali* using it wet might help with pigmentation 🙂

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