Revlon Customeyes Shadow & Liner Palette Photos, Swatches

Revlon Customeyes Shadow & Liner Palette Photos, Swatches

revlon customeyes shadow liner review

Claims : Easily create and customize the eye look you want with 4 shadows and 1 eyeliner. For dramatic eye popping looks like never before!

The dual ended applicator helps you to easily create the eye looks you want. Use the wider side to cover the eye area in shadow and the pointed end to apply the eyeliner shade.

All the palettes move around a complimentary or a contrasting theme of colors. It makes it easier even for newbies to work easily with these eye shadows. Revlon Customeyes Shadow & Liner Palette is available in 6 variants. There 4 eye shadow colors and one liner (the darkest one) in the palette . There is a very very fine shimmer in all the shadows , which gives them a nice satiny look.

Price : Rs 625 /-

These are gorgeous powder shadows. All colors are amazingly pigmented.

Smoky Sexy : It is a blue theamed palette. 

The colors from left to right are a dirty icy blue color for highlighter for all over the lid, a deep royal blue color, white, a purpley taupe color and a deep charcoal black eyeliner. The eyeliner is also powder based.

Revlon smoky sexy

smoky sexy swatch

Metallic Chic : All metallic finish colors. 

Colors l-r – a soft dirty grey shadow, metallic green (reminded me of MAC Humid), a pale yellowish gold, bronzy copper and gunmetal grey liner.


revlon metallic chicmetallic chic swatch


Naturally glamorous : a neutral color palette.

Colors l-r : a soft peachy bronze color, a deep metallic copper, soft shimmery champagne, chocolaty copper color and deep blackish brown eyeliner.

Revlon naturally glamorous

Swatch :

naturally glamorous swatch


Party Pops : A colorful peachy purply quad + eyeliner .

Colors l- r : a pale peach, lavender, whitish lavender, sea green and purple liner.

revlon party pops

Swatch :

party pops swatch

Rich Temptations : A plum color based quad + eyeliner.

colors l-r – a soft pinky plum color, a deep brownish plum, a greyish slate shade, a muted forst green, a rich brown plum liner.

revlon rich temptations

Swatch :

rich temptations swatch

Sweet Innocence : A cool toned brown shadows & eyeliner

A muted peachy pink color, a cool toned  deep brown, cream, peach, and a soft taupe brown liner.

revlon sweet innocence

sweet innocence swatch

At the back of every palette, they have shown how to use the colors for creating different looks.

revlon custom eyes

Which of the six Revlon Customeyes Shadow & Liner Palette is your favourite?

For reference,all Revlon Custom Eyes Shadow & Liner Palette are available at the Common Wealth Stores, M-18 GK-1 New Delhi. Ph : 011- 29236049
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  2. :O these are so cool. i’ve never seen them before but I really want Smoky Sexy and Sweet Innocence ! THANKS for the swatches!!

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  5. This one is really good, am loving the pigmentation, there are variety of colors, am loving all of it !!! :thumbsup:

  6. with such preety preety shades how could i decide which one is best….btw i have been thinking is there any other brand that offers more than 6 choices in a single palette ?

  7. rati.. i bought rich temptations a few days bak.. i quite liked the plum color in the palette.. bt after seeing the swatches i want to buy smokey eyes and neutral brown as well…. :waaa: :waaa:

  8. Hi Rati…Thanks so much for these swatches. I am getting Party Pops, saw it few days ago but didn’t check it out, now I am liking it so much after seeing this. :waaa:

  9. Loved the neutral, metallic and innocence palettes…like even more that they have done those little suggestions on the back. perfect for someone like me who doesnt know what goes where! Am gonna look for it here. which one do you like, Rati?

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