Revlon Eyeliner Pencil Aqua Blue Review, Swatch

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Revlon Eyeliner Pencil Aqua Blue

• For a smooth and powdery finish
• Easy to blend and contour
• Soft powder- smooth matte
• Gives precise definition to eyes



Give your eyes a dramatic look with this ’15- Aqua Blue’ eye liner pencil from the house of Revlon. This eye liner is quite easy to apply and thus, it ensures accurate application.

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I usually do not wear metallic blues on my eyes, I am a big matte black liner fan.But this pencil was a impulse buy looking at the cost and something in this blue called out to me and I thought let us give it a go.The color is a teal metallic kind of blue.Well, okay may be a little aqua too.

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This is a simple classic wooden pencil and it has this coded tip at the bottom,now that is what sold it to me.I store my pencils in a pencil stand and the tips definitely need to be colored for me to pick them in a haste. The pencil is an average sized regular wooden pencil.It sharpens really well and the wood does not crack or anything.The tip also does not crumble though there is some amount of product wastage.

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The pencil is soft and creamy but very regular, it is not like those buttery eye pencils, but still you do not need to apply too much pressure on it.On the eyelid, the tip could poke, the pencil tip should be rounded and there is some amount of effort to get true blue on, though it is surely not a hard to use pencil.The color does not set, pigmentation is very good and this does not have chunky shimmer but only metallic sheen to it.

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The pencil does not set, despite this, it lasts easily for 5 hours with minor smudging on oily lids.The pencil can be set with powder but then it would add too much blue to the eyes.I like this to use as a pop of blue to the lower lash, not waterline or may be dual liner with this and black.This has not caued any sensitivity to my eyes, I do not use color pencil on waterline.

Overall for the cost it is a very nice blue to have.

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