Revlon Geranium Ultra HD Lipstick Review

Hello everyone,

Here is the last but one shade from the Ultra HD range of Revlon – in the shade “Geranium.” No matter how tempting it looks on the tube and swatch, this shade is a pain to pull off. Read on to know more on this.

Revlon Geranium Ultra HD Lipstick

Rs. 1100/- for 3 gm.

My Experience with Revlon Geranium Ultra HD Lipstick:

The HD range lipsticks of Revlon comes in a slightly different packaging than what we have seen from this brand. The lid is transparent and the color is visible from the top. The base has a color coded-sticker with the shade name and number. The tip of the bullet is slightly protruded which can be a bit problematic for clumsy people like me. After a few uses, that would no more be a hassle though. All details about the ingredients and dates are mentioned on the sticker pasted to the body. The base and body is silver color sturdy plastic and the bullet goes in with a lock click. Overall, a nice packaging with that tiny glitch for the first few uses.

Revlon Geranium Ultra HD Lipstick

The texture of the lipstick is slippery and tends to show the original lip color beneath. If you have pigmented lips, you have to use a n*de lip liner or a lip eraser. If you have a bold neon-ish lip liner in this hue, that would do as well. I am very disappointed with the texture as the price tag is high and so was my expectation.

Revlon Geranium Ultra HD Lipstick

The shade is neon creamy orange which looks “oh-so-nice” in the lip swatch, but I had a real hard time doing the lip swatch. It would just not sit on the lips. The inconsistency of the texture in different shades is slightly weird, but nevertheless, now that I own it, I am wearing it with a n*de liner. that way the color does not slip off the lips.

Revlon Geranium Ultra HD Lipstick

The staying power of this particular shade is not like the darker ones of the same family. I tried wearing it with a lip liner, but that that again gives the lips a bit heavy feel which I did not like at all.

Orange lipstick

Sadly, this shade is not a hit and I avoid wearing this shade, honestly speaking.

Coral lipstick

Pros of Revlon Geranium Ultra HD Lipstick:

  • Nice packaging.
  • Non-drying texture.

Cons of Revlon Geranium Ultra HD Lipstick:

  • Expensive.
  • Not my shade.
  • Does not stay for long.
  • Slippery texture.
  • Dupes available.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Revlon Geranium Ultra HD Lipstick?
No to both!!!

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12 thoughts on “Revlon Geranium Ultra HD Lipstick Review

  1. It actually looks very effortless on your lips. I like such shades, but they don’t flatter my skin tone (still trying to figure out what actually does)! 😛 These lipsticks are not worth 1100! I would rather get a MAC classic.

  2. What a miss and insanely high priced. Will someone stop Revlon trying to immitate Maybelline in terms of new launch, but not the quality n pricing.

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