Revlon Highlighting Palette Bronze Glow Review

Revlon Highlighting Palette Bronze Glow


Revlon Highlighting Palette for an all over sun kissed glow. Complimentary shimmer shades blend to enhance the complexion for a radiant sun kissed look.
Enhances and illuminates the complexion
Gives a multi-dimensional sculpted look
Easy to blend, buildable color

After reviewing Rose glow and Peach Glow, this is the last palette from them, in Bronze glow. The rose glow one was super shimmery, the peach glow had a golden sheen to it and this one finally has a nice bronze glow to it, it makes for a great shine bronzer. This one is impressive, as opposed to Rose glow shade. It lasts great and it feels very pigmented, shades are just great too.
I have mentioned often how I love bar products like shimmer bars and strips.I am not very fond of multi-tasking products as i enjoy using a lot of products for makeup, enjoying the whole process . But very surprisingly, these work so nicely as a shadow too.If you use the lightest color carefully and pick it up with a slimmer rounder brush, you can use it t highlight brow bone and to highlight high cheek bone.Then you can swirl over the bronze shades or select a lighter brown in the palette to use as a contour.You could choose a nice warm bronze as a shadow on the lid, the darker brown for the crease. In this regard this palette and the peach glow one too, is perfect.
The top most strip is highlighter, it has a golden sheen to it.It really shine to a golden white duo-chrome shine.It could be very light reflective and can really enhance flaws and pores. The bronze shades are quite dark, use them sparingly or else you could look dark instead of being contoured or bronzed.
The smoothness of this palette has really impressed me.The color feel smooth, there is some fall out surely, but they are very very mildly chalky. the pigmentation is great too. I am overall impressed with how less of the product you need. Also use a lighter hand and soft brush or else it would pick up a lot of product.

The colors make for a great bronzer, shadow and highlighter too, using appropriate shades. What impressed me most is the fact that this lasted on simple lacto calamine lotion base for around 5 plus hours, beyond which I stopped counting. Remember the finish is shiny, it will reflect light and enhance pores so use it sparingly.

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  1. This one looks the most pigmented out of the three. The colors are lovely and so versatile! And the staying power is so good! Great review, Neha! 🙂

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