Revlon Highlighting Palette Peach Glow Review

Revlon Highlighting Palette Peach Glow

Revlon Highlighting Palette for an all over sun kissed glow. Complimentary shimmer shades blend to enhance the complexion for a radiant sun kissed look.
Enhances and illuminates the complexion
Gives a multi-dimensional sculpted look
Easy to blend, buildable color



INR 950!!

I have reviewed the Rose glow shade here and Bronze glow will be coming up soon.


I like the packaging a lot, the colors through the lid, the shimmer bar look, everything is so pretty. this might be a take on Bobbi Brown shimmer bars.These are truly highlighting bars since they have a lot of silver shimmer to them.There is no mirror but overall too the packaging could fall and break in no time, it is simply very pretty to look.


I have to say this shade is more of a yellow gold palette, it is not very peachy, apart from one peach shade in there.The colors look lovely together and I love this concept of shimmer bars or strips. These do not come very cheap but somehow I find the quality is not at par with the pricing.

The color is a warm toned one when swirled together. The bronze in it is most pigmented so be careful to use a smaller brush if you want to pick up specific colors. The texture is more like a powdery soft mess, instead of shimmer.The colors are shiny and duochrome, they shine to a highlight finish so in this regard it is quite nice. Then again this does not have gritty shimmer like rose glow palette and I liked the shade palette and the highlighting finish it has. The highlighter does catch light and reflect it like a highlighter.

This also means it shine and makes pores larger,oily skin with pores can avoid it unless you have worked a really matte base. The colors are warm and this almost adds a warm glow to my face, it looks like a bronzer honestly on me, unless I pick up specific shade with a tiny brush.The colors feel chalky and powdery,but when you press them and blend, they add a nice shine. Thank God it does not feel gritty and shimmery. Now as a highlighter, these work fine but also can be worn as a bronzer perfectly too.As a bronzer it works for 4 hours max for oily skin.

The best part about shimmer bars is that they can be picked up nicely and applied as a shadow too.this worked on me without a primer for 3 whole hours on my oily eyelids.It really looks subtle as a shadow and I love how versatile it is, shadow, bronzer and highlighter too when colors are applied accordingly.


The colors are apt for warm skin, and feel soft enough though not fantastic.If you are comfortable with the price, check this peach glow palette, it will help beginners to be used as a bronzer, highlight and as a shadow too.



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