Revlon Kajal Kohl Pencil 11 Black Review

Revlon Kajal Kohl Pencil 11 Black

I spotted this next to all the current kajals,like colossal, magique,eyeconic, I knew I had to pick it up, it is a shaprneable wooden pencil and it will be used on a daily basis, it claims to e a kohl kajal, not an eyeliner like the earlier Revlon pencils you might have tried, so this can be a pick for kajal wearers, ok we have so many kajal wearers around.



The pencil is simply packed, a simple wooden one, comes in a pack which I had to discard asap as it was taking so much place, the pencils from Revlon are quite simply put and nice, remind me of teenage when I could not of course afford Revlon, but these days every teenage girl has a kajal to use, long lasting and smudge-proof.


The pencil is super black, I am happy to have gotten another black, it is not creamy so to say, it is not hard either, it is just right in my opinion, it can be used as an eyeliner on the lid when sharp, once it has a rounded tip, I used it as a kohl often, I did not have much problem, no stinging, it glides well on the waterline, and even for an intense look I loved the pencil, no complaints but remember it is not creamy smooth and it is not smudge proof,it does not set after application.


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The pencil has not such claims, it is a nice functional kajal pencil which IMO is best used as an eyeliner,because if you put on too much in the waterline, I saw it recedes under the lower lash line in say two hours, so you cannot count on it being smudge, but it is slight smudge resistant and waterproof. As an eyeliner it looked fine for 3-4 hours.


I recommend you try it once for the black shade, for a nice smooth pencil (not creamy) for using it as liner and kohl, but do not expect wonders from it, on the other note, I found it to be as black as eyeconic, but eyeconic is much more smudge resistant then this one.I did not have any issues sharpening it either, it seems just fine, a simple jet black eye pencil.


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8 thoughts on “Revlon Kajal Kohl Pencil 11 Black Review

  1. Hmmmmm…all claims no performance *waiting* …khoda pahad nikla revlon *spank* *spank* me supa happy wid my lakme absolute kohl *powder* *powder*

  2. From Revlon, I am still loving the Growlucsious eyeliner. So soft and they won’t budge even on waterline. Get the black (shade name Onyx) and dark brown (shade name Espresso). You will never ever regret it. 😀

  3. Ohhh this looks like an average one *happydance* *happydance* i tried a kohl from revlon but it was fine and was pretty expensive too *haan ji* *haan ji* trythis one na… loreal wala new one… thats rocking… more smudge resistant than the lakme one *woot* *woot*

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