Revlon Matte Eyeshadow Tempting Teal 006 Review, Swatches

Revlon Matte Eyeshadow Tempting Teal 

Price: £5.29(INR 430 approx)

Revlon Luxurious Color Eye Shadow Matte shades are straight from the catwalk from stopping brights to wearable nudes. Revlon Luxurious Color Eye Shadow Matte has a soft suede-like texture that glides over eyes smoothly and evenly.

Revlon matte eyeshadow tempting teal


  • Pink innocence
  • Blue Rivera
  • Aubergine
  • Rich sable
  • Vintage lace

I don’t have many matte eyeshadows in my collection and almost always drawn towards metallic and shimmer shadows and never glitter and matte shadows. I feel matte shadow look a little drab and suave on me and considering I don’t have sparkling eyes and there is some pigmentation around my eyes, and I don’t always have the time to conceal, using a matte and dark eyeshadow can make my eyes look duller. But I realize that matte shadows are a must for soft smokey eyes and sometimes for crease work and contouring for which shimmer can look so bad. I do have one matte brown and black which are very basic from MUA(review HERE) so the next one I can think of is a deep blue matte and a dark green matte as a must have. It’s a good idea for beginners to substitute dark black mattes for smokey eyes with deeper blues, browns and soft greens to achieve a smoky eye and not look like and insomniac. And so I got this green.:)

tempting teal

Revlon matte eyeshadow name is teal but ,in my humble opinion, is no where close to teal. Teal being my favourite eyeshadow to brighten up eyes on a dull day, this one is a true dark green. Teal would be a little blue for me but it has no blue in is an absolutely matte shadow with no shimmer, sheen and perfectly flat matte. So far so good.

tempting teal eyeshadow by revlon

The packing is good with a sturdy looking matte black casing with a peep in at the color window which is good too. the applicator, same story, no use use stupid sponge tip can be tossed into the garbage.The shadow has pleats to it and looks very nice in person when you swatch it across the zig zag pattern.

tempting teal revlon matte eyeshadow

Now coming to shadow, which should have been better workable than this. It is a good matte for creasework and contouring but here is the catch, it goes on very light and sheer, no impressive at all. The color should have been soft and smooth where as it is soft but hardly any color shows up in the swatch and the eyelid. If u just put a layer of this color on your lids, I look like someone gave me black and blue eye. If I put two layers, I look like I did not sleep since a week. If I layer it on which makes it so hard to work with requiring a lot of time, I does show up but on its own looks so drab and dull on my eyes. if I wear hazel contact lenses, it looks good though but still sombre. I need to layer it on otherwise hardly any color shows up.Bad!

teal eyeshadow swatch

It needs a good base to it may be a lighter base of green or white or skin tone to show up. It is not very pigmented though it is soft and smooth but I was expecting more color from it. One good thing is that since it is matte and flat, it did not crease much on me and stayed put for at least three hours. It is sheer in the first place and may be good for softer smoky eyes.

tempting teal swatch

Last word:
I am not impressed at all. I have better matte shadows for 2 pounds or less with decent pigmentation. This is one is way too light for a green and for Indian skin is not even teal in color in the first place.

Do I recommend Revlon matte eyeshdows ?

Not tempting teal for sure, and on the whole, I don’t wanna recommend any other color as well for who knows how the pigmentation on that would be. If you want a soft shadow and really light kind if smoky eye, or want to substitute black with this, you can give it a shot. For me, it’s no good.

Rating:2.9 on 5

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  2. I bet no one’s going green over this. 😐 :hihi: I’ll definitely look like I have a black eye if I wear this. :silly: Too dull for my already dull eye area. 🙄
    :thanks: for the review,Neha! Will avoid this now! :nono:

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  5. I dont have a single matte eyeshadow.. So when i read matte.. :woot: :woot: :woot: I was counting on it.. but it so dummbbb.. :spank: :spank: :spank:

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