Revlon Moisture Stay Lip Color- 24 Rosy

Revlon Moisture Stay Lip Color- 24 Rosy


Day by day it’s getting colder and I hope you all are doing well. Today, I am going to review my Revlon moisture stay lip color. I like natural pink looking lips and this shade of Revlon has really long-lasting color and I had bought it a long time back when I had gone to Bangalore with my cousin.
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Product Description:

• Long wear lip color that helps the lips to stay soft and smooth.
• Vitamin enriched formula that nourishes heals dry, cracked lips.
• Menthol lends a cooling effect to smooth lips.
• Moisture stays even after you take the color off.

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It was costing Rs. 550 at that time and now it is Rs. 710.

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This is my second pink lipstick and the first one which I had was of Elle 18 which I really did not like it at all, after I wore it for sometime it used to settle down in fine lines on my lips, hence I hated it  and I had to reapply it every 3 hrs. So I threw it away and started looking for some other good brand. A year and some months back, I had gone to Bangalore for wedding shopping with my cousin, so I bought this one from Garuda mall. I saw this golden-looking stick and I picked one and as I saw this lovely rosy pink like color, I tried it on me and I liked the way it looked so I bought it.
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Lipstick shade:-

There were around four shades that time from this range. I like this rosy pink color so much that I have been using it carefully as this shade is no longer available in market any were. It can be worn with any outfit you have. As the product description says, it does last long on me around 6 hours at least and keeps my lips soft and moist. It has a creamy texture and it has got menthol in it as it gives a cooling effect and has a pleasant little tingle that gives my lips a bit of a boost which is nice.
As you can see in the picture the lipstick is bit glossy but the glossiness goes off after some hours and it looks matte. One thing I dint like that much is the quantity is only 1.7g which is less compared to the price.
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Pros of Revlon moisture stay lip color in 24 Rosy:-

• Easily available.
• Lasts long enough.
• Well pigmented.
• Comfortable to wear all day long.
• Keeps lips soft and moist.

Cons of Revlon Moisture Stay Lip Color 24 Rosy:-

• Quantity is only 1.7g (less than compared to other brands of lipstick).
• Costly as its only 1.7g.
• Does not stay glossy for long.

revlon moisture stay lip color rosy 24

Would I repurchase Revlon Moisture Stay Lip Color 24 Rosy?

No, it’s costly and I would like to try some other brands as well.

Would I recommend Revlon Moisture Stay Lip Color 24 Rosy?

No, for 1.7grams the price is too high know, but leaving that it is good to have this lipstick.

IMBB Rating:-



It’s a really nice lipstick. The only thing I am not okay with is the quantity and the price.
I hope you liked my review on this, if you have used this lipstick, do let me know your point of view.

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