Revlon PlumpSexxxy Lipcolor Review, Swatches

Revlon PlumpSexxxy Lipcolor Review and swatches

Revlon Plump Sexxxy Lipcolor

About: “The Plump Sexxxy Lipcolor uses the clinically-proven plumping and firming effects of a patented, groundbreaking tri-peptide technology, said to naturally fill and plump lips instantly upon contact with the body’s natural water. The hydrating Natural Seaweed Complex also helps boost lip moisture and firmness.

Continued use of the long-lasting lipcolour will not only add moisture, but will also help build collagen to visibly increase volume for plumper, moister and dewy-soft lips.”

• Tender Touch
• Mystic Mauve
• Sweet seduction
• Gorgeous
• Flirtatious
• Pure Pleasure
• Can-Delight
• Innocence
• Latino Kiss
• Rose Passion
• Candlelight Nights
• Don’t Stop Apricot

Price: It costs Rs 545/-

Revlon Plump Sexxxy Lipcolor

Packaging: I LOVE the packaging. The gold packaging is very appealing to me. I find it very classy and take advantage of every chance i have to whip it out and retouch or reapply my lipcolor.

Revlon Plump Sexxxy Lipcolor

Revlon Plump Sexxxy Lipcolor formula

Formula: It is a VERY creamy and moisturizing lipcolor. I would say that it is too creamy, because the next day of the purchase i accidently forgot to lower the bullet properly and ended up squishing it and a LOT of product is stuck in the cap. It does give your lips a moisturised feel, but the same thing makes the lipcolor disappear quickly.(I hope you can see just how creamy it is by looking at the picture and the second picture shows the amount of product that is stuck in the cap ).

Staying Power: Due to the reason that it is very creamy, it tends to rub off on kerchiefs and tea cups. It will disappear almost completely within 1-2 hours and you will have to reapply is frequently. But it does last longer if you apply a similar peachy lip liner underneath (up to 3 hours). But on the other hand, if you apply gloss on top of it, it tends to fade even faster.

Revlon Plump Sexxxy Lipcolor swatch

Revlon Plump Sexxxy Lipcolor swatch

SWATCHES: Without flash with flash

Colour and Finish: The shade I own is called “Don’t Stop Apricot”. How cute is that?!It is indeed a peachy, apricot like shade it is a very pleasant and buildable shade. It goes sheer on one swipe and will become opaque to a point. But basically it is on the sheerer side. It has a crème-shimmery finish. The shimmer is not over the top, it has more of a sheen rather than OTT shimmer.

Scent: It has the smell of Almond essence or Apple Seed (according to my mother).It is not exactly an unpleasant smell. But somehow i prefer the normal cosmetics scent than this smell. But it is all up to individual taste. For example, my mother LOVED this smell.
Does it deliver what it claims?: It claims to give plumping effect. I did not buy this because of that claim, but because of the colour and packaging. When you first apply the lipcolor, there is a slight stinging/numbing feeling (I don’t know how else to explain it).but I have rather plump lips and i have not seen any visible change.

Value For money: It contains 4g of product for Rs 545/- but since it is very creamy and you need to reapply it a lot, it doesn’t last for much time. So i think the pricing is a little too steep. I have thought it is so with all the Revlon products.
Final Thoughts: Although it was an impulse buy do love the shade and I do use it a lot, the shade is my first peach shade, so i do ADORE it. But i am a more matte or satin finish and long wear lipstick person so this is not one of my favourites.

Rating: 2.5/5 (+2.5 for shade, Finish and packaging,-2.5 for too much creaminess and bad staying power)

Will I Repurchase This?: No! I will never repurchase this; it is not my kind of Formula at all.

Would I recommend this?: If you are a moisturising lipstick person, then do try it out. You might or might not like it. I don’t think it is for everyone, very few might find it their HG lipstick. Rather, you should go for The Colorburst lipstick which costs only Rs 5 more but is way better.

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46 thoughts on “Revlon PlumpSexxxy Lipcolor Review, Swatches

  1. hi fathima ,i have this in mystic mauve….but I did not find it creamy at all..and also I got a wrong shade:(( does not look good on me .In fact was just about to review it…maybe its not creamy because its almost unused????
    I WANT your shade NOW want wantwannt :yelo: :yelo:

        1. ya me 2 ..surprised to see it sooooc reamy in the swatch…..i went and swatched mine again…but it feels like those frosted ones….puraane zamaane ki..god knows wht i was thinking???

    1. I Bought one of the SOFT ROSE!!:) 🙂 ……but i prefer the maybelline colorsensational coz of the pricing…!!:) 🙂 more affordable for skool kids like Moi…!!

  2. nice review fathima :yes: :yes: .. the color is eye catching :whistle: :whistle: & wud suit many but yeah u expect much more lasting power frm Revlon lipsticks.. 😐 😐 😐

  3. iv never tried this out..!! but it looks soooper creamy!! looks nice for my dry lips 😛 😛
    i defntly try this out at the counter today

    1. It is creamy,,but its NOt MOisturizing enuff..I wud tell u to check out the loreal made for me naturals lipstick for that purpose..this one emphasises chapped lips if u dont use lipbalm underneath it…!!

      1. you no same with ysl lippie i ahve… i bought it beco it was the creamiest i saw… but forget moisturising…it makes my lips sooooper dry within half hour :(( :((
        1700 bucks down the drain… :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: my 3oo wala lippies also dont dry me out infact!!! 😯 😯

            1. i know… but for starters its a mlbb shade for me…. and secondly i would never ever throw away dat classic awesome golden cover evn whn the lippie gets over ..neverr :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

              1. Of course…a YSL …..dats like a dream for me…..!! i am waiting :waiting: :waiting: to grow up and buy wat i want 2 my hearts content…..!!

                1. btw it unaffordable for me too… but i made excuse for my cousins wedding and got it 😉 😉 😉 god knows if il ever get to buy tht expensive lippies again!! 😐 😐 😐

          1. Neha, pls try a Chambor lipstick…they are super duper moisturizing! I have truly lasting range and Silk touch range and both are super creamy and moisturizing. ALlmost soothing for dry lips. There’s another range called moisture has lip balm in the centre. If you have dry lips, you will LOVE these. I have 5 of these 😀

            1. thanx ankitha …il check it out ..u know long ago my frnds came up with this story that chambor stuff is the most carcinogenic… :tremble: :tremble: :tremble: :tremble: since then iv never been able to buy anyrthing from there… :sweat: :sweat: but now my fear is going away a lil.. i know soo many products we use have parabens also.. and companies do take care of quantities…
              after seeing so many chambor reviews im finally tempted and have courage to go check it out 😛 😛 😛

              1. You’re missing out on some really good products esp lipsticks!! Do check it out. My fav products from Chambor are lipsticks and Dazzle eye pencils. Also have an e/s trio that I love! Btw its ‘ankita’…no ‘h’ there.

                1. sorry … i mispelt ur name jaldi mein as i know of another ankitha…
                  i have an eyeshadow trio but it has horrible fallout although i love the pigmentation…
                  yep iv used eyepencils too long ago blue and green i really loved those…
                  ill try the lippies now :))

  4. Love this shade Fathima! I have 4 lippies from Revlon CB range 😀 and 2 from the super lustrous range and 1 from colorstay. I love Revlon and Chambor lipsticks! They work really well fr dry lips esp Chambor. Will check this one only for the shade 😛 Thanks fr reviewing.

        1. WOOOOOW!! but i find the pricing too steep…skool student hai na…!! not affordable…..maybelline colorsensational is more pocket frndly…..!!

  5. plz suggest ne1 …wats the best mineral foundation (drugstore brand)….cz kolkata is a humid place n i sweat a lot….i need help ladies :waaa: :waaa:

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